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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Which to use, handkerchief or tissue paper? Know who is better among the two

Handkerchief or Tissue: Handkerchief and tissue paper have been a part of our routine for a long time. From cold to going out, it is considered standard to have these two things in your pocket. Let us know which is better between tissue and handkerchief.

Handkerchiefs and tissues have been a part of our needs for a long time. Whether you are going out somewhere wearing a suit or boots or wiping your face in case of cold, handkerchief and tissue have always been kept with you. But at the same time both of them are also seen as associated with the standard. But have you ever considered which of the frequently used handkerchief or tissue can prove to be better for you and the environment?

Here we are going to clear your confusion as to which one would be better to use between handkerchief and tissue. Let us also tell you that the history of handkerchief is considered quite complex. In the first century, the Romans used the sudarium (Latin name for a cloth used to wipe away sweat) to wipe away sweat or to cover the mouth and face. However, with time the way of using handkerchief has also changed.

Which to use handkerchief or tissue

Both handkerchief and tissue have become a part of our basic needs. Paper tissue is believed to have been manufactured in China during the second century. The tissue we know today was created for removing makeup and wiping the nose. More than 100 years ago, a cloth handkerchief was considered a little flag of death because it carried germs and would contaminate the pocket it was kept in. But to prevent the virus from spreading to other people through cough or sneeze, people continued using handkerchiefs.

What does the research say?

However, research says that blowing your nose with a reusable cotton handkerchief or touching any other object poses a risk of spreading the virus. Even if you put your cotton handkerchief in the wash immediately, you will still be using your infected hands to run the washing machine.

But bacteria spread through air are not able to survive on the tissue for so long. Provided you throw away the tissues after using them. Many studies have shown that handkerchiefs do not effectively filter respiratory aerosols, meaning that pollutants and germs can easily enter the body through handkerchiefs.

Tissues are a better option!

American company Ecosystem Analytics has compared reusable cotton handkerchiefs with disposable paper tissues. If you are willing to use cotton handkerchiefs, you can opt for organic cotton. However, the yield of organic cotton is less. According to scientists, if you want to feel better by using tissues, then use only tissues made using recycled materials. Since tissues are disposable, they prevent the virus from spreading.

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