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Friday, October 13, 2023

We will have to be strict against terrorism, PM Modi said in his address to P20

This conference is being organized under the chairmanship of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. This P20 conference is being held on the theme Parliament for One Earth, One Family, One Future. Presiding officers of the parliaments of G20 countries are participating in the conference.

The P20 conference has started at Yashobhoomi Convention Center in Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his address here. PM said that India is the mother of democracy. India's parliamentary process has improved with time. India successfully organized the G20 conference. PM Modi said that people's participation in elections has increased. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated India's commitment against terrorism and said that strictness must be taken against terrorism.

Addressing the P-20 or Parliament-20, Prime Minister Modi said that India hosted the G20 summit and is now hosting the P20. The P20 summit is being held in India, which is the mother of democracy and also the largest democracy in the world. “This is an important place for discussion.”

2014 election the biggest election in human history

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the general elections in India are like a festival. Since independence, there have been 17 general elections and more than 300 assembly elections in India. India not only conducts the largest number of elections in the world but also sees participation of a large number of people. The 2014 election was the biggest election in human history and 60 crore people participated in this election. In 2019, voter turnout was 70 percent and more than 600 parties participated.

India presided over the G20 summit

The summit is being hosted by the Parliament of India under the framework of India's G20 chairmanship. The summit aims to bring together speakers from G20 countries and focus on diverse topics such as transforming people's lives, women-led development, accelerating SDGs through public digital platforms.

President of the Canadian Senate did not attend

Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this program. The PMO said that along with parliamentary speakers from G20 member countries, invited countries such as the Pan-African Parliament are participating for the first time since the African Union joined the G20. It is noteworthy that Canadian Senate President Raymonde Gagné has not come to the P20 summit. It is believed that he has not come due to the ongoing dispute between India and Canada.

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