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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Was this really how headache was treated 128 years ago? People got confused after seeing the picture

A picture is going viral on social media, in which it is being claimed that in the year 1895, people's headache was treated in the same way that their head was put in a metal vessel and it was hit with a hammer. used to go.

There are many types of diseases in the world, some of which are very dangerous and fatal and some are common. These include problems like cold and headache. What do you do whenever you have a headache? Obviously, you take medicine for headache, due to which your pain disappears within a short time, but have you ever wondered how headache was treated when there were no medicines? Actually, a picture is going viral on social media, which is being claimed to be 128 years old and it is also claimed in that picture how headache was treated earlier.

According to the rumor that has spread on the Internet regarding this picture, in the year 1895, when people suffering from headache went to their local doctor (or perhaps a blacksmith), he would put the head of the victim in a metal vessel and Then he used to hit that vessel with a hammer. In this way he used to treat people's headaches. The internet public has named this treatment method as 'vibration therapy'. However, looking at this picture it is not at all clear whether headache was treated in this way earlier or it is some other historical medical treatment method. It is possible that this picture was mixed with ridiculous intentions.

See the viral picture

Although this picture has not gone viral on social media for the first time, it has been going viral online for years with different captions. According to the report of a website named Snopes, some posts claim that the treatment for drug addiction is shown in this picture, while some consider it to be the treatment for headache, but no one knows what is the reality of this picture.

Well, at present this picture has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @cctvidiots, on which people are giving different types of reactions. Someone is saying that 'the inventor of this treatment must be a genius', while a user has written humorously that 'Can we bring this treatment back in 2023?'.

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