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Sunday, October 1, 2023

This Tata company lost Rs 26,300 crore in a week, the rest was like this

Last week has been very bad for the stock market. A continuous downward trend was seen in both Sensex and Nifty. This has had a very bad impact on a Tata Group company.

Even the slightest movement in the stock market creates panic among big companies and their investors. Same thing happened last week also due to which investors of two big IT companies of the country had to suffer huge losses. One company in this is TCS of Tata Group.

In the last week, Sensex fell by 180.74 points and Nifty by 35.95 points. This had an impact on the market valuation (MCAP) of many companies. TCS and Infosys were the biggest losers in this. Rest of the country's mcap of 5 out of the top-10 most valuable companies has declined by a total of Rs 62,586.88 crore.

TCS sank Rs 26,300 crore

The mcap of the country's largest IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) declined by Rs 26,302.58 crore to Rs 12,91,919.56 crore last week. A fall in the MCAP of a company is a fall in the value of its total shares. In such a situation, it is equal to the decline in the value of the investors' investment.

Apart from TCS, Infosys shareholders have also suffered huge losses. A decline of Rs 25,296.43 crore has been seen in the mcap of this company. The market valuation of the company has come down to Rs 5,95,597.10 crore.

Reliance, HUL, HDFC Bank also suffered losses

The mcap of Reliance Industries has seen a decline of Rs 5,108.05 crore during this period. This is left at Rs 15,87,553.37 crore. Similarly, the mcap of Hindustan Unilever has declined by Rs 3,865 crore to Rs 5,79,373.96 crore. Whereas the market capitalization of the country's largest private bank HDFC Bank fell by Rs 2,008.74 crore during this period to Rs 11,57,145.86 crore.

mcap of these companies increased a lot

Bajaj Finance, which is included in the top-10 companies of the country, has seen a tremendous increase in the mcap last week. The mcap of the company increased by Rs 20,413.41 crore to Rs 4,73,186.41 crore. Apart from this, the mcap of Bharti Airtel has increased by Rs 8,520.13 crore to Rs 5,19,279.14 crore. Similarly, the mcap of ITC Limited has increased by Rs 1,526.52 crore to Rs 5,54,207.44 crore.

The mcap of ICICI Bank increased by Rs 1296.63 crore to Rs 6,66,728.97 crore and that of SBI increased by Rs 535.48 crore to Rs 5,34,316.52 crore.

According to MCAP, Reliance is still the most valuable company in the country. After this, TCS, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, ITC, SBI, Bharti Airtel and Bajaj Finance are in place.

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