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Sunday, October 15, 2023

This stock made investors rich, gave more than 950% return in 3 years

The market cap of KPIT Technologies Limited is Rs 29,729 crore. A total of 44 thousand shares of the company have done business worth Rs 32,901 crore on BSE. This stock has jumped 80.19 percent in one year. The company has achieved a growth of 7.2 percent in the March quarter.

Thousands of companies are listed in the stock market. The share prices of all companies are different. Shares of some companies are in huge profits, while those of others are in huge losses. In such a situation, profitable stocks have made their customers rich. Due to this, the earnings of those investors have increased. But today we will talk about some such stocks which are providing huge income to their investors. Among these stocks, there is one such stock which made its investors rich in just three years.

Currently, KPIT Technologies Limited is hot in the stock market. Its shares have given bumper returns to its customers in the last three years. It is being said that KPIT Technologies Limited has given a return of 962 percent to its customers in just three years. That means, the luck of the investors investing in this company brightened.

It is trading at Rs 1201

According to the information, on October 12, 2020, the share price of KPIT Technologies Limited closed at Rs 113.45, whereas in the current session it is currently trading at Rs 1201. This means that in just three years it has given a return of 962 percent to its customers.

Its price had become Rs 615.40

If an investor would have invested Rs 2 lakh in the stock of PIT Technologies Limited three years ago, then today its price has increased to Rs 21.14 lakh. That means the investor became rich within three years. The special thing is that on October 12, 2023, this stock had reached its all-time high of Rs 1237.80. However, it fell to its 52-week low on October 19, 2022. Then its price had become Rs 615.40.

It has given a return of 73 percent

The biggest thing is that the shares of PIT Technologies Limited have given returns of more than 40 percent in six months. At the same time, so far this year it has given a return of 73 percent.

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