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Saturday, October 7, 2023

There will be huge earnings in the World Cup, companies ranging from liquor to soft drinks will be involved.

On the occasion of World Cup, some companies can make you a lot of money. This includes companies ranging from liquor manufacturing companies to retail segment. Experts are also asking to keep an eye on the shares of Reliance Industries.

India is hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup this year. This is also an opportunity for many companies to do great business, while due to the increase in the business of these companies, their shareholders are also expected to get good value in the coming days. During the World Cup, shares ranging from liquor manufacturing companies to soft drink manufacturing companies can bring huge profits. Not only this, experts are also advising to keep an eye on the shares of Reliance Industries, what is the reason behind this…

If We2Wealth, a company working in the share market sector, is to be believed, then there are 7 major companies which can provide huge income to the investors during the World Cup.

Check names of 7 companies

Shares of these companies can perform well during the World Cup. However, investment and returns in the stock market depend on the market risk. In such a situation, before taking any decision, you must consult a market expert and take the decision as per your discretion…

Taj Hotels: Due to the World Cup, Taj Hotels got 100 percent occupancy in October-November. In such a situation, the shares of 'Indian Hotels Company', the company running these hotels, can give good returns.

Domino's Pizza: Domino's Pizza is run by Jubilant Foodworks in India. Sales are expected to increase during the World Cup. In such a situation, its share can go up to the level of Rs 600.

Varun Beverages: This company bottles PepsiCo. PepsiCo also has the largest franchise in the world outside America. Its business is spread in 6 countries. In such a situation, its returns can be good during the World Cup.

McDonald's: McDonald's chain in India is run by Westlife Foodworld. It has more than 350 restaurants across the country. In such a situation, due to increase in its sales during the World Cup, its stock can also perform well.

United Spirits: Where is it possible that there are World Cup matches and people from bars to homes do not make pegs? Therefore, United Spirits Group, one of the largest liquor companies in the country, can give good returns to its investors.

Indigo: Due to the World Cup matches being held in different stadiums, travel in the country is also expected to increase. The country's largest airline Indigo is sure to benefit from this. In return, the company can reward its shareholders for good earnings in this quarter.

Reliance Retail: Growth in the retail sector is inevitable during the World Cup match. In such a situation, the country's largest retail company Reliance Retail and its owner Reliance Industries are sure to benefit. At the same time, this company also has command of companies like DEN and Hathway Cable. In such a situation, their connections are expected to increase, which will be beneficial for the shareholders of Reliance Industries.

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