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Monday, October 9, 2023

Tantra worship, offering of virgin girls and liquor… this is how Patiala kings used to conduct sadhana.

Patiala Maharaja Bhupinder Singh: To maintain the youth of Patiala King Bhupinder Singh, Vaidya-Hakim was always present with expensive new remedies and all of them claimed that their remedies were unmatched. Many domestic and foreign male and female doctors were deployed on high salaries to take care of the health of 350 maharanis, queens and favourites.

While there was a demand for philosophers, scientists, religious leaders, astrologers and poets in the court of Patiala King Bhupender Singh, on the other hand, adequate care was taken of Tantriks for the rituals of Tantra worship started by the Maharaja. Many Indian and foreign male and female doctors were deployed on high salaries to take care of the health of the 350 maharanis, queens and favorites of the residence.

To maintain the youth of the Maharaja, physicians were always present with expensive new remedies and all of them claimed that their remedies were unmatched.

He was well versed in religion, philosophy and Vedanta.

According to Diwan Jarmani Das, who was a minister in the Patiala court, His Highness Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Singh was well-versed in philosophy, Vedanta, politics as well as various religions. The Maharaja greatly respected the scholars related to these subjects. Taking care of the comforts and facilities, they were accommodated in the guest houses of the state for a long time and then it was possible for them to leave the state only with the permission of the Maharaja.

Usually it took months to get the Maharaja's permission. The Maharaja used to participate with great interest in religious, philosophical, literary and cultural events. The Maharaja was also very generous in distributing rewards and stipends and zamindari. The state of Patiala was quite famous in the matter of patronizing scholars and artists.

Incomparable in melody, color and enjoyment

The other aspect of Maharaja Bhupender Singh's personality was related to his attachment to pleasures and pleasures. Along with Kamashastra, he was also well-versed in Tantra Vidya. But under the guise of religion, they adopted different methods of Tantric worship, whose purpose was to satisfy their own sexual desires. Queens and favorites also got a chance to gratify themselves under its cover. Kaulacharya Siddha Pandit Prakash Chandra of Vam Marg, who was called from Darbhanga state, started a new worship method of Tantra Marg as per the wish of the Maharaja.

Only initiated and tested members were allowed to participate in the Tantric religious meetings held twice a week in a secluded hall in the north-east corner of the Moti Bagh Palace. The number of initiated members was approximately four hundred. There were around two hundred people in attendance at every meeting, of which two-thirds were women. The Maharaja had taken special care that distinguished queens and senior officers of the princely state were not allowed to participate in these events.

Under the guise of Tantra worship…

Kaulacharya, with a thick head, long crest, face painted with vermilion and wearing tiger skin, used to conduct the meeting. He was terrifying to look at but also looked serious and brilliant. A goddess statue painted in different colors was adorned with precious jewelery brought from the treasury of the state. It would begin with prayers and hymns. Then the havan continues. Strong liquor was given as Prasad to all the devotees. The drinking session continued for hours.

When the intoxication started showing its effect, then Kaulacharya used to call the virgin girls in front of Devi and ask them to sing prayer songs in exile. As the night passed and people became intoxicated, all the devotees were allowed to free themselves from their clothes and have sex in front of the goddess.

Relationships, decorum, restrictions, everything is in tatters.

According to the details of Diwan's book "Maharaja", intoxicated men and women devotees used to indulge in these sexual acts considering them a part of tantric worship, amid loud religious songs. At such times, they would completely ignore the decorum, restraint and social restrictions of mutual relationships. Forgetting all relationships and considerations, there existed only the primitive relationship between man and woman.

Intoxicated, exiled virgin girls were brought in front of the goddess idol. Liquor was poured over them, which then flowed all over the body. Maharaj and other devotees would drink it from his body with their lips. It was considered the sacred offering of that event to purify the soul. After this animal sacrifice was done.

Other princely states followed the same path.

There were different reasons for organizing these tantric worship meetings. Like sometimes to fulfill the wish of a particular queen to have a son. Sometimes for the health of the Maharaja and sometimes to complete some work pending in the British Government. There were also such occasions when special pujas were arranged for the destruction of any enemy of the Maharaja. Those who took part in these were completely unconcerned about right and wrong in their blind devotion. Kaulacharya used to enthrall the devotees by showing some miracles on these occasions.

This would also happen when, through a sensory experiment, he would give the devotees the impression that the goddess idol was alive. The Maharaja himself claimed to have seen the goddess assuming human form, communicated with her and received blessings. To please the Goddess, Kaulacharya had also sought permission from the Maharaja for human sacrifice but he had refused.

The process of enjoyment and intoxication continued till morning. After the intoxication subsides, the participants hardly find it appropriate to remember their actions of the night. But the news of these “Upasana Sabhas” soon reached other princely states and many kings started them in their own places.

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