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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Risk of infection in every 5th surgery, big revelation in AIIMS survey

Doctors of Delhi AIIMS say that the infection spread from patients after being admitted to the hospital is worrying. There is a risk of infection when a catheter, IV line or tube is inserted. There remains a risk of infection in patients even after surgery. These infections spread in the patient due to many reasons.

Patients who come to the hospital for treatment of any disease may be at risk of infection while inserting a catheter or inserting an IV line or tube in the hospital premises. These infections occur due to bacteria, virus or fungus present in the hospital premises of the patient. To reduce infections in hospitals across the country, data from 106 ICUs of 39 centers connected to the surveillance network of AIIMS Delhi has revealed that from January 2022 to December 2022, a total of 1747 cases of blood infection and 539 cases of urine infection were reported in these ICUs. Have been seen.

AIIMS Delhi gave this information in a press conference organized on Friday. During this, Dr. Kamran Farooqui, head of Trauma Center of AIIMS and Professor Purva Mathur, head of Microbiology Department were also present. Dr. Purva said that 95 percent of the cases of blood infection occur due to the installation of devices in the patient like catheter, IV, central line (tube) etc.

Risk of infection in every 5 surgeries

The data from May 2017 to June 2023 of the hospitals present in this surveillance network created to reduce infections in hospitals across the country has revealed that in about 4.98 percent of the cases, patients who are infected at the site of surgery, during or after surgery. Found out. Accordingly, in almost every fifth surgery, someone is at risk of infection. Dr. Purva Mathur told that this is called surgical site infection. In this, the patient can get infection from the hospital during surgery and when he goes home, he can also get infection while applying bandage etc. at home.

44 percent died due to blood infection

According to ICMR's study for the year 2022, 1534 patients admitted in ICU who had blood infection. Of them, 44.3 percent died within 14 days. 40.6 percent were discharged from the hospital. Whereas the other 3.8 patients were discharged from the hospital voluntarily by their family members or were referred to another hospital. ICMR found in its study that patients who were staying in ICU for a long time were at higher risk of getting infection from the hospital.

Most seen gram negative bacteria

In western countries, gram positive bacteria are considered to be the main cause of blood infection in hospitals. According to this study by ICMR, 74 percent of the cases in India were caused by gram negative bacteria. Gram positive bacteria were the cause in about 17 percent of the cases and fungal infection in others.

“Unnecessary use of antibiotics is increasing cases of antibiotic resistance. In such a situation, the effect of antibiotics on many bacteria has reduced significantly. Common cough, cold, fever can also be caused by viral infection. There is no benefit in taking antibiotics in viral cases. “Do not take medicines without asking the doctor.”

Professor Purva Mathur, Head of Department, Department of Microbiology, AIIMS

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