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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Rajamouli made 12 films in 21 years, all superhits, last 2 pictures alone earned Rs 3 thousand crores

Famous director of South films SS Rajamouli is celebrating his 50th birthday. The director has brought a lot of revolution through his films. This revolution is on the box office collection and people all over the world are watching it with surprise. But the truth is that Rajamouli has given global recognition to South and Indian cinema in the last 3 years, which is a big thing.

SS Rajamouli's name is written in golden letters in the history of Indian cinema. After all, he is the director who won the country's first Oscar. SS Rajamouli created such a history which every Indian was eager to hear. Rajamouli is one of those directors in the industry whose success rate is 100 percent. Fans like his films. Rajamouli, who changed the history of South Industry and Indian cinema, has turned 50. Let us know some special things about the director on this occasion.

S.S. Rajamouli's full name is Koduri Srisailam Sri Rajamouli. He was born on October 10, 1973 in Mysore. His father V Vijayendra Prasad was also a famous film director and screenwriter. Following his footsteps, Rajamouli chose direction as a career and achieved his own position. Rajamouli is the first director who first hoisted his flag in Bollywood and after that he proudly raised the name of the country across the world.

Rajamouli started his career in the year 2001 with the film Student No. 1. Junior NTR was seen in this film and this was also his second film. The film was liked and from here this pair became the favorite pair of the fans. Later, this pair created history and won an Oscar for India. Rajamouli's pairing with Junior NTR was very good. Apart from this, who can forget his deadly combination with Prabhas.

S.S. Rajamouli with Steven Spielberg

Worked in these films

Apart from Student No. 1, Rajamouli has included the names of films like Simardhi, Sai, Chhatrapati, Vikramarkudu, Yamadonga, Magadheera, Maryada Raman, Eega, Bahubali Beginning, Bahubali 2 and RRR. Seen from this perspective, the director has made only 13 films in the 21 years of his career. Meaning on average they make a film in 2 years. That means they work on a film at their leisure and give their full time. The success of his last few films also shows how particular the director is about his films and pays close attention to every small and big detail.

Only the last 2 films did wonders

Earlier Rajamouli was popular only in South and his films did not earn that much. But his film Baahubali with Prabhas gave Rajamouli recognition at the global level and prepared a platform that made Rajamouli one of the popular directors of the world. Today everyone wants to work with Rajamouli. There are also discussions about his Bollywood debut. At present, no one is more successful than Shahrukh Khan and Rajamouli. In such a situation, the demand of the fans is that Rajamouli should make a film with Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

Both his films earned huge profits and placed Rajamouli in the list of highest-grossing directors in the industry. Many people are not able to earn as much in their entire career as Rajamouli's films have earned. The worldwide collection of his film Baahubali 2 was Rs 1788 crores. Talking about RRR, this film had earned a total of Rs 1260 crores worldwide. Now if the earnings of these two films are added then it becomes Rs 3040 crore. This is a big thing in itself.

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