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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Netanyahu's mistake became a disaster for Israel, Hamas piled up dead bodies

The attack by Hamas has proved to be a major failure for Israel's intelligence and leadership. Hamas was planning the deadliest attack on Israel in Gaza, about 80 kilometers from the Parliament, and the Benjamin Netanyahu regime was not even aware of this. Let us know how Israel failed to stop the attacks?

Ever since Hamas started war against Israel, questions are being raised about its intelligence and capabilities. Mossad was considered the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, but after the attack by Hamas, its credibility has suffered a major blow. Hamas fighters broke the fencing on the Israeli border with bulldozers and then entered the border cities and caused tremendous destruction and the Israeli government was not even aware of it.

As soon as Hamas fighters entered Israel, they first targeted the dance party and killed 260 dead bodies in one stroke. Egypt had warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 10 days before the attack, but it is said that he ignored it. They underestimated the strength of Hamas, as a result of which today more or less 1300 people have been killed in Hamas attacks. Around 150 Israeli and foreign citizens have been taken hostage by Hamas. Let us know what mistakes Israel made due to which it failed to stop Hamas attacks?

Underestimating Hamas's capabilities: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's strategy of giving leeway to Hamas to weaken the Palestinian Authority backfired. Hamas made its strength and strategy felt by successfully carrying out a large-scale attack on Israel, violating the border and causing huge damage.

Intelligence Failure: Israel's intelligence is considered to be the most powerful in the world and they failed on this front. From this it can be understood that Israel did not get information about the attack by Hamas. The methods were not known. Israel had no idea that Hamas would launch an attack of this scale where hundreds of Israelis would be killed.

Bypassing security measures: Israel had not made military preparations at such a level that they could stop a major attack by Hamas. There was a shortage of soldiers on the Gaza border. Israel's large military forces are deployed in the West Bank, where they protect the Jewish occupiers. Due to this, Israel could not immediately respond to the attack and failed to stop the attack effectively.

Failed to protect civilians: Hamas fighters entered the Israeli border, took Israeli civilians hostage and brought them to Gaza, yet the army could not stop them. The main reason for this could be that the Netanyahu regime delayed the army's movements and this caused anger and disillusionment among Israeli citizens. The government's failure to fulfill its duty to protect civilians has eroded public trust, with 86 percent of Israelis believing it to be a failure of leadership.

Giving priority to political interests: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu focused more on political matters. For example, his desire to control the Parliament and the judiciary became an obstacle to Israel's security. This political fight diverted attention from the country's security and military preparedness. This internal political turmoil led to a lack of strategic focus and government-army coordination and Hamas succeeded in its attack.

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