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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Is it stock or Virat Kohli's batting? This government company gave a huge return of 150%

When Virat Kohli plays on the field, he spoils the condition of even good people with his explosive innings. Something similar is the stock of this government company. It has given multibagger returns to its investors, it has grown by 150 percent in just 6 months. Can it still strengthen your portfolio?

India-Pakistan are playing Cricket World Cup match today. Everyone's eyes are going to be on the batting performance of Virat Kohli, everyone is waiting that he will give away sixes to Pakistan in the match, but do you know that the performance of shares of a government company is also like the batting of Virat Kohli. This stock has given more than 150 percent returns in just 6 months.

Here we are talking about the shares of government company MMTC. This government company also deals in the sale of gold-silver coins and other other materials. Recently the company has also planned to mine materials like lithium, cobalt and silicon. With this, he is likely to get further gains in the coming days.

A share of Rs 30 became worth Rs 75.

The share of MMTC Limited was worth just Rs 29.95 6 months ago. At present it is worth Rs 75.05. In this way it has achieved a growth of 150.58 percent in 6 months. The Union Cabinet has recently approved amendments to the Mines and Minerals Act, in which new provisions have been made regarding royalty for critical minerals like lithium, niobium and rare earth elements (REEs). All these are going to be very beneficial for MMTC as a company.

77 percent return in one and a half month

The Indian government's decision to mine lithium, cobalt and silicon has had an impact on the shares of this company. All these minerals are going to play an important role in promoting electric vehicles, green energy and green economy in India. The effect of this has been that the shares of this company have increased by 77 percent in the last one and a half month. Experts are seeing the possibility of its good growth in the coming times also.

Shares may rise further

Experts believe that the future outlook of MMTC is quite good. Therefore, it can touch the price of Rs 85 in the near term. However, this is just an estimate and before investing in the stock market you should take advice from a broking expert.

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