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Monday, October 9, 2023

In 2023, Hamas is playing tricks like 1997, forcing Israel to kneel.

The war between Israel and Palestine is going to take a turn like 1997. This time Hamas has made complete preparations. More than 100 Israeli soldiers and civilians, including top rank officers, have been taken hostage. This is a big headache for the Netanyahu regime, because the release of its own citizens will be their priority and in return they will have to 'release Palestinian citizens.'

There is a war going on between Palestine and Israel for two days. After decades of humiliation, Hamas fighters attacked Israel on Saturday. They entered 24 kilometers inside Israel's self-declared border from the Gaza Strip. Launched 'Military Operation' at more than 22 locations in Southern Israel. For this 'operation' he has adopted the 1997 technique. More or less 130 Israelis have been taken hostage. Now he has demanded the release of all the Palestinians lodged in Israeli jails.

Israel has launched a war against Palestine on Sunday and the Air Force is continuously bombing Gaza, in which hundreds of people, including dozens of children, have been killed so far. Hamas fighters have been carrying out 'military operations' by entering the Israeli border since Saturday. On one side, the Israeli army is raining bombs from the sky, while on the other side, Hamas fighters are targeting with short range rockets. Clashes are going on in many Israeli cities. So far 700 deaths have been confirmed in Israel.

Palestinians will have to liberate

Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy chief of Hamas, says that his fighters have captured a significant number of Israeli soldiers. In exchange for their release, Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails will have to be freed. He told that senior officers of the Israeli army have also been arrested. However, Hamas has not disclosed anything about what rank the officers hold. Israel has acknowledged that the soldiers are in Hamas custody.

When Hamas brought Israel to its knees in 1997

Hamas had played the game of capturing Israelis during 1997. Then Israel had to come on its knees. Hamas had arrested two secret agents and in return had to release 9 Palestinian high-profile people. Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, the former chief of Hamas, was also one of them. The Israeli army arrested him in 1989 for ordering the killing of soldiers and sentenced him to 40 years in prison. Finally in 1997, Hamas freed him from Israeli prison.

Hamas captured top Israeli officials

Israel's Prime Minister's Office issued a statement saying that more than 100 Israeli citizens have been taken prisoner. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim that more or less 130 Israelis are in their custody. Of these, 30 Israeli citizens, including soldiers, have been taken prisoner. There are also top rank military officers among them.

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