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Sunday, October 15, 2023

If the attack is not stopped, there will be an 'earthquake', Iran predicted a major disaster in Israel?

Iran has repeatedly warned Israel, which is trying to unite Arab countries, to stop attacks on Gaza. Now it has been said that if Israel does not stop 'war crimes' then it can cause terrible destruction. Iran's Foreign Minister said that "Israel should stop the attacks before it is too late."

Iran has warned Israel to immediately stop its “war crimes” against Gaza. If this is not done then a “large scale earthquake” may have to be faced. Iran's foreign minister warned that if Hezbollah joins the fighting, the war could spread to other parts of the Middle East. Hossein Amirabdullahian was in Beirut, where he said that Lebanon's Hezbollah group continues to keep an eye on Halar and that Israel should stop its attacks on Gaza as soon as possible.

Iran has sent a message to Israel through the United Nations that it will intervene if the offensive in Gaza continues, and especially if it launches a ground offensive. The Iranian minister met UN Middle East Envoy Tor Wennesland in Beirut. Israel openly criticized this UN meeting. The Iranian minister is currently on a tour of Middle East countries, where he met Hamas Politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh in Lebanon and Qatar.

Israel should stop before it is too late – Iran said

Iran is continuously appealing to the United Nations and the international community to stop Israel. Iran says that if Israel does not stop war crimes immediately, the situation may go out of control. Iran has blamed the international community for the possible catastrophe. The Iranian minister said that this could have far-reaching consequences, the responsibility of which lies with the United Nations, the Security Council and the states that are pushing the Council into a deadlock. Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdullahian, speaking to journalists in Lebanon, earlier warned Israel to “stop before it is too late.”

Why is Israel afraid of Hezbollah?

Israel considers Hezbollah its most serious threat. It is estimated to have about 150,000 rockets and missiles, including precision-guided missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel. The group also includes fighters taking part in Syria's 12-year conflict, who also have modern military drones.

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