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Thursday, October 5, 2023

'I have not been on social media for 9 months, these are all distractions'


World Cup 2023 is going to start tomorrow i.e. from 5th October. In this World Cup, fans will have their eyes on many big players and one of them will be Rohit Sharma because in the last World Cup, not 1 or 2 but 5 centuries were seen from Rohit Sharma's bat, so what kind of rock will he create this time? It will be interesting to see. However, Rohit has made his preparations clear. Recently, during an interview, he revealed his decision to stay away from social media.

Rohit has revealed that he has not been on Instagram and Twitter for the last 9 months and all the brand deals for him are being handled by his wife Ritika Sajdeh. Rohit has said that social media is a distraction and time waster. That's why he distanced himself from it long ago to focus on the World Cup.

Rohit said in his interview, “I don't run people's lives, if people like it, they like it. Nowadays social media is fake. I saw someone in the team bus in the morning saying, did you see or not, he said this, he said this. They discuss it. You look at my phone, you can check it, I haven't had Twitter or Instagram on my phone for the last nine months. If we have to post any commercial, my wife handles it. These are distractions, everyone is on their phones all day. This is a waste of time and energy. So I've decided not to keep it on my phone because if it's all on the phone, I'll look at it."

Along with this, Sharma accepted the prevalence of social media in the lives of the young generation but stressed that they do not impose their views on others. He believes in letting people make their own choices regarding their online presence. Rohit further said, “This is the time in which we are living. The new generation is more on Reels, Instagram, various social media. we are in this together."

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