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Sunday, October 15, 2023

How Hamas made elusive preparations for the attack, this is how it tricked Mossad

The speed and preparation of Hamas' attack on Israel was tremendous. The world's strongest air defense system had collapsed in front of this attack by Hamas. Only one question is flashing in everyone's mind that how was the world's most dynamic intelligence agency Mossad unaware of the preparations for such a big attack?

There is a formula in the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish scripture, that you can fight your battle with wise guidance. This formula from the Hebrew Bible was the starting mantra of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad, on the basis of which Israel entered into the homes of its enemies and killed them. In the last 50 years, Mossad's vision has anticipated every threat and on the basis of that, the Israeli Army has built a strong wall of security for its citizens.

On October 7, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas broke the same wall of Israel. Israel has now vowed to bury Hamas forever, but this question is also troubling the people of Israel as to why this attack of Hamas was not detected earlier, is this the failure of Mossad? Preparations for the attack had been going on for almost two years. How did Hamas keep its plot secret? Everyone has seen what happens when intelligence agencies fail.

That day, the festival of Sukkot was about to begin in Israel. The sound of attack sirens echoed in the ears of people engrossed in the imagination of the week-long religious festival, so no one understood what had happened. The people of Israel, who were running in search of shelter, got the news that hundreds of Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip had attacked from all three sides, land, sky and the Mediterranean Sea.

The speed and preparation of Hamas' attack was tremendous. The attackers blew up the wall built by Israel on the border of the Gaza Strip and then created an infiltration path by using bulldozers. Cut the barbed wire fence. The high-tech cameras installed for surveillance on the Gaza border were destroyed. The Israeli Defense Force's automatic machine gun towers were blown up by bombs.

Along with this attack, the order of Hamas Supreme Commander Muhammad Daif was echoed on Gaza Radio that its fighters have started Operation Al Aqsa Flood against Israel. Commander Daif's order was that the people of Palestine should start killing Israeli settlements with whatever weapons they got into their hands. Its terrible impact occurred in the Negev desert of southern Israel.

Hamas attack, failure of Israel's intelligence system

About 3 thousand people had gathered for the Reem Music Festival, just 5 kilometers away from the Gaza-Israel barrier. The hangover of the night had not yet subsided when the rocket attack siren sounded and a stampede broke out. Then Hamas terrorists attacked there. About 50 armed terrorists, who started firing indiscriminately. Some people were cut with sharp weapons and some were burnt alive. In the blink of an eye, more than two hundred and fifty people had been killed. By the time the Israeli police or army reached there, Hamas terrorists had kidnapped many people and gone missing.

The world's strongest air defense system had collapsed in front of this attack by Hamas. Many times more rockets were being fired simultaneously than Israel's Iron Dome could destroy in the air. Within 12 hours of the attack, the Israeli government had declared war. Experts around the world were surprised. This attack was being compared to Pearl Harbor of 1941 and the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

This question was also in everyone's mind that how was the world's most dynamic intelligence agency Mossad unaware of the preparations for such a big attack? How did the Hamas terrorists, surrounded by the people of Israel, the Israeli Army and Mossad in the Gaza Strip, keep this attack so secret that even the American intelligence agency CIA, which is on alert 24 hours a day, could not even get a clue?

Experts from Israel to America believe that Hamas's attack is an example of the failure of Israel's intelligence system. That intelligence system, which includes the powerful agents of the Institute for Intelligence and Operation i.e. Mossad along with Aman i.e. Israeli Military Intelligence and Israel's internal intelligence agency Shin Bet. This same intelligence network had created the belief for the last 50 years that no one in Israel could kill even a bird, then how did Hamas break that magic of Israel's intelligence system?

How did Hamas surrender so quickly?

The story of Hamas's preparation and Mossad's oblivion begins in the year 2021. It was the last Friday of Ramadan. After the Maghrib i.e. evening prayers in Al Aqsa Mosque, many people of Palestine were in the mosque premises, to evict them, the Anti Riots team of Israel Police raided Al Aqsa Mosque and the mosque complex became a battlefield.

For the next 15 days, violent clashes continued between Palestinian militant groups and the Israeli Defense Force from Gaza Strip to the West Bank. After the death of more than 250 people of Palestine and 15 people of Israel, the chaos subsided, but the question kept burning that how did the terrorist organization Hamas, which had vowed to make the whole of Israel an Islamic nation, surrender so soon?

Israel feared that there would be another attack from Hamas. Hamas' influence was limited to the Gaza Strip area and Israel's spies were spread in the Gaza Strip, so Israel was confident that it would handle Hamas easily. Israeli informers operating in the Gaza Strip also assured that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are economically distressed, hence Hamas is not in a position to carry out any major attack right now.

Anti-Hamas group Fatah dominates West Bank

Meanwhile, a new terrorist group became active in the West Bank area under the jurisdiction of Palestine, whose name is Jenin Brigade. This group, which broke away from Palestinian Islamic Jihad, intensified attacks on Israel from the West Bank. The West Bank is dominated by Fatah, the anti-Hamas group, which had a ceasefire with Israel. When the Jenin Brigade became a new headache in the West Bank, the Israeli army stopped worrying about Gaza and started focusing on the West Bank.

The Israeli army attacked the Jenin Brigade base in the West Bank and killed the gang's commander, Mateen Dabaya. This was a big success for Israel, but after a few days a report from Gaza Strip increased the concern of Mossad.

Mossad informants sent information from Gaza Strip that the training of Hamas terrorists is going on in full swing. Evidence of training of Hamas terrorists had also reached Mossad. Mossad and Israeli Military Intelligence analyzed the evidence, but they believed that this training was going on for sporadic clashes. Israel ignored this report, for which Israel has to pay a heavy price in the form of a horrific attack by Hamas.

Mossad made a terrible mistake in understanding Hamas' plan

After seeing this attack by Hamas, a former CIA spy who was posted in Israel for a long time understood the whole game. It became clearly visible that the informants whom Israel had trusted in the Gaza Strip had perhaps been made its agents by Hamas. Hamas itself sent a report to Mossad that Hamas is currently facing economic crisis, hence it is not capable of carrying out any major attack on Israel.

Israeli defense analysts also believe that Mossad made a terrible mistake in properly monitoring the Gaza Strip and understanding Hamas's plan. Who is responsible for this will probably never be revealed and till then this question will not leave Israel that why was the mistake of 1973 repeated again? Why did Israel's intelligence fail to stop the attack despite getting a hint of Hamas' preparations?

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