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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Health Tips: Do you also wear shoes without socks? These problems may occur

Shoes Without Socks: The job of socks is not only to dry the sweat of the feet but also to keep the soles of the feet soft. Let us know what problems can be caused by wearing shoes without socks.

In this era of internet, not only technology changed but our way of eating, drinking and even wearing clothes also changed. There were many changes in our fashion trends also. In earlier times, when the trend of bell bottom pants started, then tight jeans made their place in people's lifestyle. Similarly, the fashion trend of shoes also came. Nowadays, most people wear shoes without socks or prefer wearing short socks.

But if you also wear socks without socks then this news is for you. In a recent research it was found that wearing shoes without socks can be harmful for health. According to research, due to this, there is a risk of not only foot but also other diseases related to physical health.

Sweating feet

Research related to this has found that a person's feet sweat about 300 ml in a day. Without socks, this sweat does not dry completely, due to which moisture increases in the feet. Due to this, the risk of many types of bacterial and fungal infections also increases.

These problems may occur

Allergy: Some people's skin is very sensitive. In such a situation, coming in contact with leather or any other synthetic material can cause allergy. Therefore, wear socks made of such materials with shoes.

Blood Circulation: You may also find it strange to hear this, but wearing shoes without socks not only harms the feet but can also cause problems related to blood circulation.

What is the solution

Before wearing any shoe, you should know which shoe is right for you. Do not wear too tight or loose shoes. Keep good quality socks and wear them alternately every day. Don't wear a pair of socks for more than a day.

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