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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Does hair really start growing by combing? Is this a myth or a fact, know here

Hair Care Tips: Does combing hair improve its growth? Is this just a myth or is there some truth in it? This method is still used in home remedies for hair. Let us tell you whether this is a myth or a fact...

Even today in India, many such myths or beliefs are believed which may even seem strange. There are many myths spread among people regarding hair also. Does combing really make hair grow? Most of the people who believe in this belief comb their hair up to 100 times. Women desire beautiful and thick hair and for this they try every remedy or method.

Many home remedies are tried to improve hair growth. But have you heard about the way to lengthen them with a comb? Let us tell you whether this is just a myth or is there any truth in it?

What do experts say

Dermatologist Chitra Anand has shared her opinion on whether combing hair increases hair growth or not. These can be easily resolved by combing the hair. Apart from this, by combing properly the oil present in the hair also spreads everywhere. Apart from this, it also provides big benefits like improvement in blood circulation.

Does combing improve hair growth?

Hair expert Chitra Anand says that combing hair does not improve its growth. There are many myths going around that using hair brush 100 times improves hair growth, whereas it is not so. Cleanliness of hair can be taken care of with a hair brush, but growth can be improved only through diet and care.

Disadvantages of over hair brushing

Experts say that excessive hair brushing causes the hair roots to become weak. Apart from hair breakage, the problem of split ends can also trouble you. Due to frequent brushing, hair can become dry and lifeless.

Should you comb wet hair?

Being busy, some women make the mistake of combing wet hair in a hurry. This further increases the risk of hair breakage. Use the comb only after drying the hair or after using lotion on it.

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