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Friday, October 6, 2023

Diabetes Care: Tea will control blood sugar! But how? read it yourself

Diabetes Care: Diabetes is a disease which can only be controlled. But recent research has revealed a shocking result that blood sugar can be controlled with tea.

Tea for Diabetes: Some people's day does not start without tea. You will find such tea lovers all over the world, knowing about whom even you probably wouldn't believe. Anyway, this is about tea and its love. There are many types of tea available, drinking which provides many health benefits.

The name of dark tea is also included in these. You will be surprised to know that black tea can help in managing blood sugar. This claim has been made in a new research conducted recently. This research has been done by Adelaide University of Australia and South East University of China.

Know about dark tea

Dark tea is a kind of oxidized tea. This tea passes through microbial fermentation. Since its leaves are oxidized and due to this it also changes its color. Here let us tell you that dark tea is very different from black tea. Black tea is more oxidized, green tea is not oxidized, yellow tea is slightly fermented and dark tea is made only after going through the fermentation process.

Know what are the benefits

Researchers found that people who drank dark tea daily had a 53 percent lower risk of prediabetes compared to people who never drank tea. The risk of type 2 diabetes was also 47 percent less in these people. In this research, diabetes risk factors like age, gender and body mass index (BMI) were taken into account. Let us also tell you that do not use any kind of sweeteners in dark tea.

How is it beneficial?

According to Shoth, dark tea reduces the risk of diabetes in two ways. First of all, it improves insulin resistance, which enables your body to control blood sugar better. Second, it contributes to increasing glucose excretion in your urine. This means that blood sugar actually needs to be reduced.

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