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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Abhimanyu's children also became alive due to the Pratap of Jitiya Vrat, know the date, method and belief.

This year there are many doubts regarding the date of Jeetiya Vrat. Some people say that there is Nahay Khay on Thursday and fasting on Friday, while some people believe that there is Nahay Khay on Friday and fasting on Saturday. Along with this, different things are also being said regarding the time of Parana after fasting.

The three-day fast of living daughter, which is also called Jitiya or Jiutiya, has started with bathing and eating. This festival is celebrated by women, especially those who are mothers. Jitiya, a mother does this for the long life of her children. In Bihar-Jharkhand, when a person's life is saved from a major accident or in some other way, people say that his mother must have observed Jitiya fast only then he came back from the jaws of death. Like Chhath festival, waterless fasting is observed in this festival also. While Chhath festival is called the festival of having a child, Jitiya or Jiutiya is a fast observed for the safety of the child. Jitiya is celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Even though all the beliefs of this fast are related to the safety of the son, but in the changed times, it is observed by the mother for the children who have both a son and a daughter. Mothers who have only a daughter also observe this fast for the long life of their daughter. There are many types of beliefs regarding this festival. Here we will mention two main beliefs.

King Jimut Vahan saved the child's life from Garuda.

It is said that in Satyayuga there was a king named Jimut Vahan. Once he went to his in-laws' house and found people there sad. People were scared. On enquiry, it was found that the people of the village were being tortured by a Garuda. Every day one child or an old man has to become the victim of Garuda. That day it was the turn of a woman's son. Because of this the woman was crying uncontrollably. The king became sad after hearing his mother's lamentation. Then Jimutvahan presented his body to Garuda for food.

Seeing this generosity of the king, Garuda ji gave a boon to Jimut Vahan that the woman who worships King Jimut Vahan by fasting on Pradosh Vyapini Ashtami Tithi of Bhadrapada month, her son's life will not be cut short.

Abhimanyu's wife also did Jitiya

The second story is related to the Mahabharata period of Dwapar era. It is said that by observing Jitiya fast, Abhimanyu's wife Uttara saved the child in her womb from being destroyed by Ashwatthama. The child growing in Uttara's womb was protected by Lord Krishna himself.

When is fasting, know the date of Parana

This year two types of things are coming to the fore regarding the date of Jitiya Vrat. Some people are telling the date of fasting as 6th and some people as 7th October. Famous astrologer Pandit Markandey Dubey has explained when is Jitiya. He says- The biggest classical rule in Jivitputrika fast is that Ashtami Tithi should be in Pradosh Kaal. Pradosh Kaal i.e. the time from evening to night should include Ashtami Tithi.

Raja Jimut Vahan should be worshiped at that time only and this coincidence is being achieved this year on Friday, 6 October 2023. Pandit Markandey Dubey, a resident of Gopalganj district, said that the summary of many scriptures like Kashi's almanacs, Niryaan Sindhu, Kritasar Samuchchaya and Niryanamrit etc. is that by observing regular fast of Jivitputrika Vrat on Friday, 6th October 2023, you will die on 7th October 2023 at 10:21 AM. To be passed after.

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