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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

You are the next target of Pakistani hackers! This is how they are causing harm to Android users.

Pakistani hackers are now targeting Android users, now you will ask how? Hackers are doing this work with the help of some apps. As soon as malware enters the phone, which of your information starts getting tracked? Let us give you detailed information about this.

Hacking incidents are increasing rapidly, hackers are making money worth lakhs by stealing people's data. Recently, information has been received that Pakistani hackers are now targeting Android users. How are you being spied on and how are hackers installing viruses on your phone? Let us know.

Pakistani hacker is rapidly spreading CapraRAT mobile remote access trojan on 'Transparent Tribe' and for this purpose an Android app imitating YouTube is being used.

What is CapraRAT?

According to the report, AndroRAT and CapraRAT are based on source code. CapraRAT is a tool through which anyone can take complete control of any Android phone. This is a malware which steals all the data after entering the Android device.

Is the game running from Google Play Store?

According to reports, this dangerous app is not on Google Play Store, but Pakistani hackers are installing the app through social media and other sites. People are being lured to download the app and once the app is installed on the phone, Pakistani hackers will have access to your device's data and will be able to access your data completely.

Stay away from these apps


They are tracking your activity like this

Recording activities through front-rear camera and microphone

Collects SMS, call logs etc.

Blocks incoming SMS and sends SMS messages

captures the screen

Modifying files lying in the phone

Who were targeted?

According to the report of cyber security company SentinelOne, CapraRAT is used for surveillance of phones. It is currently being used for surveillance against human rights activists working on Pakistan-related issues and having knowledge of Kashmir-related issues.

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