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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Why Hyderabad's Osmania Biscuit came in headlines, not Biryani it became the reason

After this action of government officials, people say that there are many such shops of Osmania Biscuit all over Hyderabad, from where people make purchases every day. In such a situation, there is a need to check these shops also. So that action can be taken against those who play with public health.

On hearing the name of Hyderabad, the name of Hyderabadi Biryani comes first in people's mind. People come from far and wide to Hyderabad to enjoy it. But, after Hyderabadi Biryani, Osmania Biscuit is also ruling the hearts of people since many decades. People like to eat this food item as snacks and breakfast. But, now questions are being raised on the quality of this Osmania Biscuit. It is being said that the company is not taking care of cleanliness in making Osmania Biscuit. Because fly has been found in Osmania Biscuit.

Actually, a young man named Vinay Wangla has shared the picture of Osmania Biscuit on social media. In this picture a dead corn is visible in Osmania Biscuit. Customer Vinay Wangla says that it is very sad that the company making Osmania Biscuit is not following cleanliness. This can have a bad effect on the health of the people who consume this biscuit.

Complaints were lodged with the commissioner

Vinay Wangla said that on Saturday he had bought a packet of Osmania Biscuit from a store in Miyapur, Hyderabad. When he opened the packet to eat biscuits, he was shocked. A dead fly was found in the biscuit he was going to eat. However, after this Vinay Wangla immediately lodged complaints with the local food inspector and food safety commissioner.

they don't even have gloves on

After this the Food Department started its action. It is being said that after this the Food Department raided the shop in Miyapur from where Vinay Wangla had bought Osmania Biscuit. It is being said that the stock of Osmania Biscuit worth Rs 36,000 has also been seized from that shop. Along with this, many people on social media have praised the step taken by the authorities. People say that cleanliness is not being followed in making Osmania Biscuit. They don't even have gloves on their hands.

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