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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

'Weapons' became the support of pauper Pakistan, this is how they threw dust in the eyes of IMF for the bailout package

The condition of Pakistan's economy is such that inflation is creating new records every day. People have no money left to buy ration. There is poverty everywhere. Still, its 'arms industry' is trying to throw dust in the eyes of IMF and is getting it bailout packages.

The poverty of Pakistan, which is facing cash crisis, cannot be expressed in words. The prices of everything from ration to common essentials are skyrocketing. Despite this, there are reports of Pakistan making arms deals with America. In the name of this arms industry, Pakistan is throwing dust in the eyes of IMF and getting bail out package.

Intercept, a non-profit digital news organization of America, has published a report that Pakistan is making an arms deal with America behind the scenes. These weapons are being supplied to the Ukrainian Army in the Russia-Ukraine war, so that it can further strengthen its fight against Russia.

Information revealed from Pakistani Army records

The Intercept, quoting sources related to the Pakistani Army, has reported that a secret arms deal has been signed between Pakistan and America. A report related to this contains details of the weapons that Pakistan and America have signed for sale in the summer season of 2022 and spring season of 2023.

The report quoted a source as saying that the documents related to this contain evidence of negotiations and financial transactions between Pakistani contractors and American officials. In this, the trail of licensing and request documents related to purchasing weapons of Pakistani Army for Ukraine is visible.

Talk of taking IMF into confidence

The Intercept report states that the US State Department has agreed to take the IMF into confidence for this arms deal. This news is shocking because there is no money for food and drink due to poverty in Pakistan. At the same time, he is spending the package received from IMF on such arms deals.

In July this year, IMF had transferred an amount of $ 1.2 billion to Pakistan. It was received as an installment of the $3 billion bailout package it received.

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