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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

This company will make investors rich by earning big money from Chandrayaan 3, read the complete plan here

The country's leading company L&T is giving buyback offer to its investors. A rise of more than 3 percent was recorded in the company's stock. L&T had provided essential parts for Chandrayaan 3 mission. After this mission, the company's shares are rising.

Larsen & Toubro, which played an important role in Chandrayaan 3, is making huge profits in the stock market. There is a continuous increase in the valuation of the company. Now the company is going to give returns to the common people. The company is preparing to become rich through buyback. The special thing is that the company has increased the price per share by Rs 200 under buyback.

This means that the company which was earlier going to pay Rs 3000 per share, has reduced it to Rs 3200. After this announcement, a rise of about 4 percent is being seen in the shares of the company. Due to which the company's shares have reached a life time high of Rs 3008. Let us also tell you what kind of announcement has been made by the company regarding buyback and how much increase has been seen in the shares of the company.

something like this was announced

Giving information in an exchange filing, L&T has said that the company has also reduced the maximum number of shares to be bought back from 3.33 crore to 3.12 crore, which is 2.22 percent of the equity capital. On July 26, L&T announced share buyback for the first time in its 80-year history. L&T had said it may buy back 2.4 per cent stake or 3.33 crore shares held by public shareholding through the book-building process on the stock exchange.

This is how investors will earn

Earlier the company kept the buyback price at Rs 3000, which has now been increased to Rs 3200. The special thing is that when the company announced buyback, the share price of the company was Rs 2,562. Investors will get returns of Rs 3200 per share. This means that investors will get 25 percent return per share. If we look at it in rupee terms, investors will get a profit of Rs 638. According to experts, if an investor has 1000 shares and sells them in buyback, then the investor will get a profit of Rs 6,38,00 on 100 shares. This is its mathematics. The company's shares have seen an increase of about 9 percent since September.

Company's shares rise

If we talk about today, there has been a rise in the shares of L&T. According to the data received from BSE, the company's shares closed at Rs 2947.05 with a rise of 1.83 percent. During the trading session, the company's shares rose by 4 percent to Rs 3,008. Which is the company's new 52-week high. However, today the company's shares opened at Rs 2954.05. It closed with Rs 2894.05 on Monday. In the month of September, the company's shares have seen a rise of about 9 percent.

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