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Sunday, September 10, 2023

There is no one in competition, Shahrukh Khan is the real king of Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan's film Jawan is creating havoc at the box office. The film's earnings are getting ruined. Shahrukh Khan is taking his success to a level where there will be no one to compete with him. Pathan and Jawan did their job. Now fans will have a lot of expectations from his film Dinky, which is releasing this year.

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has created his own identity in the industry. This identity was not created in a day or a year. This identity has been created because there was a young man's passion behind it. There was a passion to accomplish something. And he did it. He has done it before also. And now once again when people felt that he was broken, shattered, he made a strong entry and the year 2023 became the most wonderful year of Bollywood. But where has the year gone? The movie is still pending.

Shahrukh Khan started the year 2023 with the film Pathan. The film got full support from the audience and the film became popular in theaters as soon as it was released. After this, just six months later, Shahrukh Khan once again hits the box office with the film Jawan. The film has been released in theaters and all the shows are going housefull. A huge crowd of people is welcoming this film of Shahrukh Khan. With this film, Shahrukh Khan has once again told everyone that he is the only king of the industry. There is no one else.

Shahrukh Khan's power had diminished in the last 10 years. Whether an actor's films do well at the box office or not is a different matter, his films were not liked by the people. In such a situation, questions were being raised on Shahrukh Khan's career. And people started saying that his stardom is also in danger. But keeping aside all these whimsical things, Badshah came in his own style and dominated. The way Shahrukh Khan's film is earning, it seems that the film will earn Rs 1000 crore in terms of worldwide collection.

Why is Shahrukh different from others?

It is not that Shahrukh Khan's career did not do well earlier, there were some occasions in his career when the collection of his films went down. Whether the reason is the choice of films or anything else, it does not matter, what matters is that whenever Shahrukh Khan makes a comeback, it is always wonderful. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is an example of this, Chakde India is an example of this, My Name is Khan is an example of this, Chennai Express is an example of this and Shahrukh's film Pathan released in the year 2023 is also a good example of this. This makes him different from other fellow actors. Also makes it different. Shahrukh catches trends, he understands the market.

Shahrukh Khan's own dialogue fits well with his career. In the movie Baazigar, Shahrukh says that the one who wins after losing is called Baazigar. Now Shahrukh Khan is both a king and a juggler. And at the moment they seem to be winning the box office battle.

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