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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Freelancers Review: Danger everywhere! How will freelancers rescue the Indian girl trapped in Syria?

The Freelancers is a web series which shows how a Muslim family falls into the clutches of a terrorist organization and is completely brainwashed. Now what will happen to this family, how will they be treated, what will be their future, this web series is based on this.

The Freelancers Review: Ever since web series started being made, terrorism has been the most favorite topic for directors. Every other web series is being made on this concept. Meanwhile, a new web series has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Its name is The Freelancers. In this web series, the story of a new terrorist organization emerging in Syria and the war against it is shown. Also, its story has been woven on the lines of casual and correct approach of the system. Apart from this, it also throws light on the mindset of terrorist groups and their working process.

What is the story?

Talking about its story, it shows the story of a police inspector Inayat Khan and Avinash Kamat. How both of them get trolled for slapping a senior officer during a task and have to face suspension. But Avinash's journey starts from here. They take training abroad and become freelancers. That means work for money. The work is also not the same, they take up international projects which are not without risks.

Here, Inayat Khan's life is almost over and it will be interesting to see how one of his actions will save his daughter trapped in Syria or how Inayat's best friend Avinash Kamath will be involved in it. But their path will not be easy. India's intelligence agencies are already looking for Kamat. On top of that, you will get to see in this web series how much it will cost them to mess with the Syrian terrorist organization. Alia, daughter of Avinash's friend Inayat, is trapped in a terrorist gang in Syria. It will be interesting to see how Avinash will take him out.

Mohit Raina with Anupam Kher

How is the acting?

The cast of this web series includes actors like Anupam Kher, Mohit Raina and Sushant Singh who have got good length. But most of the cast is not that popular. But everyone has played their roles well. Especially Mohit Raina is seen in a different style in this. Mohit Raina, who plays the role of Lord Shankar, has played the role of a trained freelancer who carries out secret missions. It will be a completely new experience for the fans to see him in this role.

See or not?

Currently, 4 episodes of this web series have been released which have told more than half the story. On the basis of these 4 episodes, it can be said that this is a decent time pass web series. Even though it doesn't have a huge cast, the story has held its grip quite well. In such a situation, this web series will not disappoint you. What remains to be seen is how her maternal uncle Avinash Kamat rescues Aaliya, who is stuck in Syria.

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