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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The child did such a thing to get the homework done, his name reached the police, know what is the matter

A surprising case has come to light from China these days. Where a child arranged such a jugaad to do his homework that the police came to his house. As soon as this matter came to the world's attention, people were shocked.

Often you must have seen how much difficulty children have to face in getting their homework done in school or tuition. The reason for this is that children's minds are very fickle, hence their attention goes more towards sports and less towards studies. In such a situation, if you put pressure on them, they become very irritable. This situation is seen not only here but everywhere. But there are some children who get their work done with Jugaad, but it is not necessary that your Jugaad works well every time. Many times mistakes also happen. Something similar was seen these days.

Actually, an evil child came up with such a method of homework that the police came to the house and the parents were shocked to know about this. The matter is of Zhejiang province of China. According to the report of South China Morning Post, a child threw a Help Me note outside his house in the hope that someone would come to do his homework. A neighbor found this note.

What is the whole matter?

The neighbor felt that the person who had thrown the note needed help because the sound of the child crying was also heard from above. He immediately called the police and asked for help. As soon as the police reached there, the child and his family were stunned to see the police. After this, when the police understood this matter, they advised the child not to do so.

Police said that people do what you did in emergency and if it is misused then everyone has to face problems. This is not the first such case regarding homework. A few days ago a child had reached the police station for homework.

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