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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Sunita Williams was the first woman to participate in the marathon in space, made a record in space walk.

Today, 19th September, is Sunita Williams' birthday. He received a BS degree from the United Nations Naval Academy and then did an MS. He has made a record in space walk. Let us know what records he has made in space.

Sunita Williams is a name that everyone knows. There would hardly be anyone who does not know about this brave daughter. Swimmer, diver, naval sailor, helicopter pilot, animal lover, marathon runner, all these credentials also belong to Sunita, who is the daughter of India. Even today, while living in America, she roams around carrying the flag of the country. She also participated in the program of National Geographic India on the success of Chandrayaan-3.

Today, 19th September is Sunita's birthday. She is the inspiration of crores of daughters and especially of Indians. Daughters studying science and technology want to become Sunita. Sunita has achieved so much success in her short life. He is a source of inspiration for anyone. Sunita was born on 19 September 1965 in Ohio, USA, to Dr. Deepak N Pandya and Bani Pandya. Dr. Deepak moved from Ahmedabad to Boston, America in 1958.

How far have you studied?

Sunita received a BS degree from the United Nations Naval Academy in 1987 and then did an MS. In 1998, Sunita was selected in the American space agency NASA, then she never looked back. She kept making one record after another while staying here. Sunita, who spent about 322 days in space in two missions and walked there, also has many world records in her name. Even today, she is helping the society by living in America. Taking her hobby forward. Despite retiring from NASA, she is still associated in some way or the other.

Record made in space: In her first space mission, Sunita made a world record by doing four space walks of 29 hours and 17 minutes. This campaign ran from 9 December 2006 to 22 June 2007. Sunita's second space flight took place on 14 July 2012 and it ended on 18 November 2012. This time Sunita again created a new record by doing space walk for 50 hours and 40 minutes. In this way, Sunita has spent approximately 322 days in space in two space travels and missions, which is a record in itself for any woman.

India also honored with Padma Bhushan

Sunita has also been given many awards from America and NASA. India also honored him with Padma Bhushan in 2008. While with NASA, Sunita has flown 2770 flights in 30 different spacecraft. During training, Sunita lived underwater for 9 days continuously. This was part of his rigorous training before going on space travel. Training also took place in the forest.

Become diving officer after 6 months

He also worked with the Russian Space Agency. After returning from the first space mission, Sunita worked in the robotics branch and learned a lot of new things here too. Before joining NASA, Sunita joined the American Naval Academy. Within 6 months she became a Basic Diving Officer. While in the Navy, Sunita flew many types of helicopters. During Navy operations, she was deployed in the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf.

When a hurricane hit America in September 1992, Sunita reached Florida as a team leader and led the relief team there. In this way his life includes experiences from many fields. Even today, Sunita likes to do household chores with her husband Michael in her free time. He likes to spend time with ships and cars. Walking with his dogs and going for long walks is another of his favorite activities.

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