Shares of this company are becoming rocket due to the news of solar plant, the rise may continue further. - Newztezz Online


Monday, September 4, 2023

Shares of this company are becoming rocket due to the news of solar plant, the rise may continue further.

Swan Energy Share Price: After the news of solar plant, there is a rapid rise in the shares of this company. At the same time, due to excellent quarterly results, there is positive sentiment among investors. Experts believe that this pace may continue in future also.

India's solar energy company Swan Energy has recently signed a deal with the Karnataka government to set up a solar plant. The company's quarterly results have also performed brilliantly. On the basis of these two news, the shares of solar energy company Swan are continuously rising.

The company's shares have reached Rs 303 in Monday's trading. Experts believe that a lot of strength is being seen in this stock. This share is being targeted to reach Rs 5000 in the coming two years. Talking about the last one year, the company has given a strong return of 40 percent to the investors.

Solar Power Triumph Increases Life

One of the key factors driving bullish sentiment on Swan Energy shares is its recent achievement. Actually, the company has received the order from Karnataka Government to set up a solar plant. After this order, the company is ready to set up India's second largest solar plant, which is significant in itself and reflects Swan Energy's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Vigorous growth will be seen in the long term

The company's move aligns well with the ambitious renewable energy goals of the Government of India, and is expected to contribute significantly to the company's long-term growth. At the same time, the results of the company have also been excellent. In the June quarter, the company's net sales stood at Rs 804.3 crore. This is a growth of more than 208 percent on an annual basis. A growth of 649 percent has been recorded in the net profit of the same company. The increase in the prices of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and increased throughput at Swan Energy's Jafrabad LNG terminal are considered to be the important reasons behind the company's excellent results.

Why is there a boom

Swan Energy's management remains positive about maintaining its strong performance in the coming quarters. The company has a strong order pipeline and is currently focusing on several expansion projects. This positive outlook of the company has attracted a lot of attention from investors and analysts, due to which the demand for Swan Energy stock has increased.

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