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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Shahrukh Khan or Vijay Sethupathi, who is the real villain of Jawan? King Khan told

Ever since the release of the trailer of Jawan, there has been a lot of suspense regarding Shah Rukh Khan's film. Two days before the release of the film, a video has surfaced from Red Chillies Entertainment, in which King Khan and Vijay Sethupathi are answering many questions related to their film.

Shahrukh Khan's much awaited film Jawan is going to be released in theaters on 7th September. All his fans are very excited for this film. His fans are eager to see him in the avatar of a young man. The trailer of this film was released on August 31, which further increased the curiosity of the fans. Along with that, many questions have also remained in the mind since then. Now SRK and Sethupathi have answered many questions.

On September 5, Red Chillies Entertainment shared a video of Shahrukh on its YouTube channel. Both are telling about many things in the video. Many looks of King Khan were revealed through teaser, preview and trailer. And now Shah Rukh has revealed that he has 7 looks in the film.

The story of meeting Attlee?

Did Shahrukh and Atlee want to work together for a long time? On this question, King Khan told that he had gone for a match between KKR and CSK. During that time both met and spent time together. During the lockdown, Atlee came to Mumbai to meet him and told about Jawan that there will be five girls with Shahrukh in this film. After that Shahrukh asked whether it has dance, action, good dialogues, to which Atlee replied yes and now Jawan is ready.

Is Vijay the real villain?

Vijay Sethupathi told that he is just following his path in the film. According to him, he is not a villain, but the hero of the film is a villain. He also said that he enjoyed working with Shahrukh. He likes the way he answers and wants to know a lot about SRK personally.

Is Shahrukh a villain or a hero or both?

On this question, Shahrukh said in a funny way, “You all have confused me. You are calling trailer as preview, you are calling preview as trailer. You are calling the hero a villain, you are calling the villain a hero.” After this, he spoke the dialogue of the jawan 'Main Bhi Aap Hoon'.

Is Shahrukh an action hero?

On this question, Shahrukh said that he is doing action films only because his son and daughter told him that he should do such films which are cool for youngsters.

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