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Sunday, September 10, 2023

'Shah Rukh uses his stardom...', Mahesh Bhatt said this after seeing the success of Jawan

Shahrukh Khan's Jawan has created a stir in theatres. Whoever is watching the youth is praising it. Big stars have congratulated Shahrukh Khan. Meanwhile, now filmmaker and director Mahesh Bhatt has also issued a statement regarding Shahrukh and his stardom.

Shahrukh Khan's Jawan charm can be seen everywhere. Be it in the country or abroad, the call of soldiers is ringing everywhere. Along with the audience, even Bollywood stars are not able to stop themselves from praising Shahrukh's film. When the trailer of Jawan was released, there was a scene in it where Shahrukh Khan was seen mentioning Alia's name in a serious situation. Now Alia's father has reacted to Shahrukh's film.

Shahrukh Khan has previously worked with filmmaker and director Mahesh Bhatt. The superstar has also worked in his directorial films Duplicate (1998) and Chahat (1996). When Mahesh Bhatt saw Shahrukh's film Jawan, he could not stop himself from praising him. During an interview, Mahesh said that stars do not shine because they want to be seen, they shine because they are stars.

According to Mahesh Bhatt, a superstar is one who uses his light to illuminate the world, leaving a trail of inspiration for others. Shahrukh is a living embodiment. In simple words, what Mahesh Bhatt means is that stars like Shahrukh make good use of their stardom and inspire people. Jawan had created history with its release.

After which the process of congratulating the superstar started. South superstar Mahesh Babu had also praised Shahrukh by tweeting. Let us tell you, within just two days the soldier has entered the Rs 200 crore club. If the earning pace of Jawan continues like this for a few days, then this film can create new records. It is also believed that Shahrukh's Jawan can also break his Pathan's record.

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