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Friday, September 1, 2023

Second Hand phone: Don't have money to buy a phone? Buy this way from Amazon at half the price

Smartphone Under 10000:
If you do not have the money to buy a new and expensive phone, then this trick will make you happy. You will be able to buy the smartphone of your choice from this platform for less than half the price. On this platform, you can buy a phone worth Rs 40,000 for less than Rs 10,000.

Nowadays, inflation and expenses are skyrocketing and prices of goods seem to be beyond the budget. In such a situation, many times it seems a problem if one has to give a smartphone to the children or anyone in the house. Phone is necessary but also expensive. So that you do not have to take such tension, today we will tell you a trick in which you will not have to pay the original price of the phone. That means you will get the phone at half its original price. This will not affect your budget and your needs will also be fulfilled.

Buy second hand phone from Amazon

Till date, all of you must have always bought a brand new product from the e-commerce platform Amazon. But most of you do not know that you can buy not only new smartphone but also second hand phone from the platform. That is, now you will not have to take the tension of the budget to buy the phone of your choice.

(Renewed) Redmi K50i 5G

You are getting a smartphone with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage for Rs 21,299, although the original price of this phone is Rs 35,999. That means you are getting a chance to save Rs 14,700 in this deal. According to the platform, the first user of this phone is also giving 6 months warranty of this phone.

OnePlus 6

You get 6GB RAM, 64GB storage in OnePlus 6 phone, although this phone costs Rs 39,999 but you can buy it for only Rs 9,999. According to the platform, you are also getting 6 months warranty on this phone. That means, if any defect occurs in any phone within 6 months, then its first user will give you its replacement or refund.

OnePlus 6T

You are getting the fun of Rs 42,999 only for Rs 11,999, so it is obvious that you are not getting a brand new product, you can definitely buy a second hand product at such a low price. According to the information given by the platform, the testing of Fus Phone has been done well and its functions work properly. Before this, the user is also giving you 6 months warranty, that is, if there is any problem in the phone within 6 months, then you do not need to worry.

Note that all the phones mentioned above have been used once but the previous owners of these phones have given a mandatory warranty of 6 months. In such a situation, if any defect occurs in the phone within 6 months of purchase, you will be given its replacement or refund.

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