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Friday, September 22, 2023

Regret of not giving OBC quota in our government-Confession of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference regarding women's reservation that it can be implemented today itself. Giving 33 percent reservation to women is not a tough task. The government has put reservation in front of the country but the truth is that it can be implemented only after ten years.

The Women's Reservation Bill has been passed by both houses of the Parliament. As soon as the bill gets the President's approval, it will become a law. Meanwhile, former Congress President and Lok Sabha MP Rahul Gandhi held a press conference regarding the Women's Reservation Bill. Rahul Gandhi said that women's reservation is a very good thing, but it is not clear when it will be implemented. He said that to implement reservation, first of all census will be conducted and delimitation will have to be done. It will take years to do this and it is not even known whether it will happen or not.

Rahul Gandhi accused the central government of 'diversion' through reservation. He said that diversion is happening from OBC census. He talked about the caste category of secretaries and cabinet secretaries in the central government. Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that if he is doing so much work for OBCs then why only three people out of 90 are from OBC category? OBC officers are controlling five percent of the country's budget.

PM talks about pride but how many got representation?

The Congress leader said that the Prime Minister talks about OBC pride every day, so what has the PM done for them? Prime Minister talks about OBC representation in Parliament, Rahul said what will happen from this? Why were only five percent of the decision makers given a place? Is the OBC population in the country only five percent? Rahul said that now I have to find out how many OBCs there are in India? And they should get participation according to their numbers.

When Rahul Gandhi was asked in the press conference whether he regretted that OBC quota was not provided under the bill brought by the UPA government in 2010, Rahul Gandhi said, “100% regret. This should have been done at that time and now we will complete it and leave.”

OBC youth also have to understand- Rahul Gandhi

Lok Sabha is called the Temple of Democracy. The Congress leader said that you ask any BJP leader whether he takes any decisions? Does anyone make laws? He said that no one takes part in decision making. Statues of MPs have been made and the Parliament is filled with statues of OBCs but they have no power. Every OBC youth has to understand this. The Congress leader once again said that the new census should be on the basis of caste only.

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