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Monday, September 4, 2023

People once lived in slums, a housing scheme changed Singapore like this

The Singapore government had possession of only 44 percent of the land in 1960, but in 2009 it had 90 percent of the country's land. By 2022, Singapore will build 24 new cities, which will have more than 10 lakh flats. This country has the best tax system.

Singapore industry, tourism, airport, school and global level offices are situated in half the area from Delhi. Spread over only 734 square kilometers and with a population of 5.6 million, more than 90 percent of people in Singapore have their own homes. Once upon a time, this country was also ruled by the British like India, but still this country progressed so fast, due to which the good countries were left far behind.

In 1940, half of the world was trapped in the Second World War and the British were occupying this country. Due to being on the seashore, this country was of great importance to the British, because from the port here, it used to maintain the occupation of many countries, but in 1942, Japan chased the British away from here and took Singapore under its control. Japan inflicted a lot of oppression on the people of Singapore and turned the buildings here into ruins.

Japan had to surrender

America dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War, after which Japan surrendered and the control of Singapore came back to the British, but due to the World War, Britain's condition had deteriorated, so on August 9, Freed in 1959. Now Singapore was independent, but it faced many challenges, the biggest of which was its increasing population and lack of accommodation for the people. People were forced to live in small areas without any basic facilities and the story of Singapore's development began from here.

In 1960, Singapore forms its own government and Lee Kuan Yew is elected its Prime Minister. Seeing the problems of the people there, Lee's government first starts working on housing planning for the countrymen and for this, Housing and Development Board is formed. Its work was to build rental houses for the increasing poor population in the country. During the British era, there was a large number of people from China and Malaysia in Singapore, who started living in slums after the departure of the British and their number was increasing.

The foundation of Singapore was laid from here

Quarrels between the people of China and Malaysia started increasing. The Singapore government was also not able to convince them to leave the slums and shift to the houses being built. After this, on May 25, 1961, a big slum fire broke out, in which 4 died and around 16 thousand people became homeless. Now these 16 thousand people had come on the road and their responsibility was entirely that of the Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew and the Housing Board. Both of them worked with great promptness and shifted these people to new homes within a year. Along with this, new housing projects were made at that place within the next 5 years. This was the time when people's trust in the Government of Singapore and its Housing Board started increasing.

The government had also understood that they have less space and more population, after which the Housing Board was asked to find a solution. In order to solve this problem, the government brought a bill in 1966, according to which now buildings were being built after taking land from the people. However, the people from whom the land was taken, were given money according to the market. After this, high-rise buildings started being built here.

In the beginning, a basic building of single room flat was started so that people could stay here for some time. Along with that, the Housing Board was doing its work, but still the land was less and keeping this in mind, the work of building a building in the sea started. Today, 1/5 of the total area of ​​Singapore is built on sea. In 1960, the government had possession of only 44 percent of the land, but in 2009 it owned 90 percent of the country's land.

How did Singapore become hi-tech from junk?

The government started a scheme in 1966, which was named Home Ownership. It fulfilled every man's dream of owning a house in Singapore. Along with this, by 2022, Singapore will build 24 new cities, which will have more than 10 lakh flats. All these cities were designed in such an excellent way that schools, stores, hospitals and other basic facilities were taken care of. With this, all the cities were connected by metro.

To do this, the government needs funds, for this there is an excellent tax system. In Singapore, every person below the age of 55 has to deposit 20% of his salary in the Social Savings Fund. Along with this, the companies where they are working, also have to deposit 17 percent in this fund. That person can withdraw this amount only for some reasons, in which buying a house is also one. Using this fund, every Singaporean can easily buy a house.

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