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Sunday, September 17, 2023

People of India eat 2.4 crore Hajmola every day, this is how Dabur earns crores.

Bata in shoes, Tata in iron... these are some of the brands of India which the general public knows not by the company but by their name. One of these is Dabur's Hajmola. The demand for this product has spread to villages and towns of the country. Now the company is going to make this power brand a super power soon.

There is no answer to Bata in shoes and Tata in iron… this is an old saying. Actually Bata, Tata, all these are such companies of India which are known by their names only. However, Bata's threat is no longer the same as before. But the brand we are going to talk about is more than 100 years old in India. This company is Dabur. Hajmola is a product of this company. You can usually find Hajmola at every small and big shop. But today let us tell you about the power of Hajmola.

Dabur's Hajmola brand, one of the oldest and largest companies of India, also needs no introduction. Now the company is planning to include this brand in the list of 'power' brands. Today we are going to tell you something about Hajmola which is used in almost every house of the country, which you hardly know.

2.4 crore Hajmola tablets are sold every day

According to a report published in Times of India, more than 2.4 crore tablets of Dabur's favorite brand Hajmola are sold every day in the country. Meaning, the people of India are consuming more than 2 crore Hajmola tablets every day. Talking about market share, Hajmola alone has more than 50 percent share in this segment.

400 crore brand has been created

According to Mohit Malhotra, CEO of Dabur India, Dabur is now trying to make Hajmola a power brand. Talking about the present time, this brand is worth Rs 350 to 400 crores. The company is now looking to expand it further. The company now wants to make Hajmola a power brand. One reason for this is the availability of this bronze in every household. At present, Dabur's FMCG brands include nine different power brands. Of these, 8 are in India and one in the foreign market. Market share is 70 percent

Talking about the total FMCG brands of Dabur, these brands account for 70 percent of the total sales of the company. According to the company, they have 17 brands, which are in the range of Rs 100-500 crore. The future belongs to these brands and the company is busy expanding them. The company plans to work on expanding these brands of Dabur which already have a strong reach in the market.

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