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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Now a new crisis in Israel, Jews took to the streets against their 'greatest power'

There has been opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu's rule in Israel for a long time. His intention to change the law was opposed for months but in the end he succeeded. Now people from the ultra-Orthodox community, one of his biggest supporters, have also taken to the streets. This could become a new trouble for them.

There is daily opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu's rule in Israel. People take to the streets. Create traffic jam. Block the roads. They cause arson and vandalism. Jews have long been opposing the Netanyahu regime, but on Wednesday hundreds of people from the ultra-Orthodox community took to the streets against the army. Community members took to the streets in Tel Aviv.

A youth from this powerful community of Israel had refused to register for his mandatory service in the Israeli Army, after which he was arrested. Later, members of the Haredi group, an organization of the community, came to the streets. Pro-democracy protests are already taking place against the Netanyahu regime. They are also against the exemptions being given to the ultra-Orthodox. It is said that such rules are unfair and there should be equal rules for everyone.

Netanyahu gives exemption to ultra-Orthodox

The protesters formed a large circle on the city's light rail tracks and started singing, dancing and praying. Train services were stopped and there was a traffic jam. People came to the streets to protest against the country's military draft. Generally, there has been opposition to this draft for a long time. The Ultra-Orthodox community is considered a wealthy community in Israel. Despite the strict rules of military draft, this community has been given the freedom to render compulsory service in the army.

It is mandatory for Jews to serve in the army.

Benjamin Netanyahu is going to present a new draft regarding military recruitment. The ultra-Orthodox demand continued exemptions. According to the rules, people of this community do not serve in the army, but it is necessary for them to get themselves registered. Now there is a demand from the community to end this compulsion. Jews are opposing this. It is mandatory for Jewish men to serve in the army.

The rules of compulsory service have been in force since the formation of Israel.

In contrast, people from the politically powerful ultra-Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox community are free to pursue religious studies and further studies. The ultra-Orthodox party is a major coalition party in the Benjamin Netanyahu government. Its opponents say that such exemption is unfair. With the formation of Israel, the current government had implemented a rule under which it is mandatory for all Jewish boys and girls to serve in the army. To upgrade this, Netanyahu is going to bring a new draft.

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