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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Nipah virus is spreading through palm juice and dates, if you see these symptoms, run to the hospital.

What is Nipah virus, how to avoid it, what precautions should be taken? These are the questions that everyone wants to know today because this virus has increased everyone's worries. In fact, the death rate due to Nipah virus is almost 75 percent, due to which fear is increasing among the people.

The number of Nipah patients is continuously increasing in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) says that the death rate among people infected with Nipah virus is much higher than that of the Corona epidemic. While the death rate from Corona has been two to three percent, from Nipah it is 40 to 70 percent. After this statement of ICMR, fear about this virus has started increasing among the people.

At the same time, another case of Nipah virus has come to light in Kozhikode district of Kerala. A 39-year-old man has been found infected with the virus and is being treated. So far, 6 cases of Nipah virus have been reported in Kozhikode.  has talked to Dr. Sanjay Rai of AIIMS Hospital on what are the symptoms of this serious disease and how it can be prevented and he has given important information on the subject of this disease.

Where was Nipah virus first found?

He says that Nipah is not a new disease. Like Corona virus, it is not new. It was first known about it in Malaysia 18 years ago. At that time this virus was found in some farmers. These farmers did farming and lived with animals, especially pigs. The most serious thing about this disease is that it has a high mortality rate. According to the world's data, the death rate ranges from 40 to 75 percent. It can be controlled, as Malaysia and Singapore did in 1999. After this no case was found there.

How does Nipah virus spread?

Doctor Sanjay Rai says that the symptoms of Nipah disease were first found in 2018, but in India it was not spread by pigs but by bats. When we drink palm juice or eat dates, the infection spreads through the urine of bats. For example, palm juice is consumed the most in Kerala. Palm juice gets contaminated by bat urine. When the virus spread in 2018, there were 20 cases in which most of the people died, but India controlled it very well. Let us tell you that there are case reports every year in Bangladesh.

What are the symptoms of Nipah virus?

He says that the symptoms of this virus are of disperty disease type, which is A symptomatic. It is not necessary that everyone has such symptoms after infection. This includes sore throat, cold, cough, fever and fainting. At the same time, when a person becomes seriously ill, he goes into a coma. After this he dies.

How to avoid Nipah virus?

He told that the serious matter is that there is no cure for it nor is there any treatment for it. The only cure for this is that people should protect themselves. If any such case occurs then do not go to that place because it can spread from person to person, but it is not infected like Covid, but still you can maintain distance from those places.

Doctor Sanjay has advised that if such symptoms are seen in any person then they should immediately keep distance from that place. At the same time, one should be completely protective before going to such a place. Apart from this, special attention should be paid to food items. This disease cannot be completely eradicated because its source is bats and bats cannot be completely eradicated, but still if we take care then this disease can be avoided.

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