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Friday, September 15, 2023

Mobile Alert: Phone battery will explode like a bomb, change these 3 habits today itself

If you also use the phone and leave it charging overnight, then this information is very important for you. Due to some of your mistakes, your phone can explode like a bomb. See here which mistakes you should avoid while charging your phone.

These days, heat has troubled not only humans but also your phone. In such weather, it has become very important to take care of yourself as well as your phone. Do you know that some of your mistakes can cost you dearly? Due to these mistakes, the phone may catch fire and your phone may even explode. Most of you do not know that if care is not taken while charging the phone, it can cause terrible harm to you. Yes, today we will tell you which of your mistakes can blast your phone.

According to many reports, not only humans but also phones are becoming victims of heat wave, in such a situation, users need to always be careful while using the phone. Otherwise your phone's battery may explode like a bomb.

Avoid making these mistakes while using the phone

As we mentioned above, many phones get damaged due to heat wave, after which the risk of exploding increases. To prevent this from happening to you, you will have to keep in mind that you will have to avoid keeping your phone in direct sunlight. The phone may overheat if it comes in contact with direct sunlight. Overheating of the phone means increased risk of explosion.

Avoid charging the phone the whole night, in fact charging the phone the whole night can cause your phone to overheat. This may cause damage to your device. Although currently, all the smartphones coming in the market have the feature of auto-cut when fully charged, but the old phones still lack this feature. In such a situation, you should be careful and avoid charging the phone for a long time.

Overloading your phone's processor can also be a burden on you, you should avoid installing heavy apps and games on your phone beyond the limit, this not only causes the problem of hanging in the phone but it also puts a load on the processor. Give some rest after using your phone.

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