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Friday, September 15, 2023

Millions of phones rang simultaneously, why did this emergency alert come?

If you have also received an emergency alert on your phone due to which your phone has started making noise, then there is no need to panic. On September 15, i.e. today, this message came on people's phones twice in 15 days, some people received this flash message in Hindi, while some people saw this message in English on their mobile screens.

It was 12 noon on 15th September when we all were working in the office of  suddenly a loud beeping sound started ringing on our phones. When I looked at the phone, I came to know that the government had sent an alert to everyone. If you have also received an emergency alert on your phone? Due to which your smartphone has suddenly started making a loud beeping sound, then there is no need to panic. For your information, let us tell you that this has happened because you have received a flash message of Emergency Alert: Severe. Receiving this message on your phone does not at all mean that it is a prediction of some disaster.

According to the Telecom Ministry official, the alert is being tested zone wise, like the testing was done in the state of Rajasthan in late August. Now alerts are being sent on mobile phones to users in Delhi, UP and areas adjacent to Delhi. If you have turned off this alert option in the phone's settings, then you need to understand how important it is, this alert can save people's lives.

It is clearly written in the message that this is a sample testing message which has been sent by the Department of Telecommunications of the Central Government through Cell Broadcasting System. It is written in this flash message that ignore this message because you do not need to do anything.

This was an emergency trial message and the purpose behind sending this message is to alert people during earthquake, flood or any other disaster.

It has been mentioned in this message that this emergency alert message is a part of the Pan-India Emergency Alert System of the National Disaster Management Authority i.e. NDMA.

Alert came three times in 30 minutes

Let us tell you that the alert message came to Android users thrice for the first time on September 15 between 12:15 pm and 12:45 pm. This sequence has not stopped here, emergency alerts keep coming on people's phones. Whereas iPhone users are not aware of receiving any such alert. It is believed that this alert system is currently working only for Android users.

You don't have to panic, you don't have to panic

This alert message from the government is being sent only for testing. There is no need for you to panic after seeing this message. Rather, a lesson has to be learned from this message. Henceforth, in case of any emergency like disaster or earthquake, you will get an alert from the telecom department.

Turn on this setting in mobile

The emergency alert feature comes on by default in smartphones, but if you are still not getting emergency alerts, then you can enable this feature by going to the Safety and Emergency setting in the phone's settings.

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