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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Mental Health: Is your friend depressed? Pay attention to these symptoms in time

It is very important to pay timely attention to poor mental health, otherwise this problem can become worse. Some symptoms start appearing in a person suffering from depression. So let's find out from the experts.

Stress increases in a hectic life which has a bad effect on mental health. In today's time, poor mental health is becoming a big problem. In many cases, stress increases and turns into depression. When the problem becomes more serious, in these cases the victim sometimes takes fatal steps like suicide. The matter of concern is that the person who is suffering from this problem is not aware of it himself and due to this the problem becomes serious. There are some symptoms by which it can be detected that a person is suffering from depression and the situation can be prevented from getting worse.

By recognizing some symptoms of depression, you can save yourself and the people around you, friends and colleagues from this problem. Let us know from experts what symptoms are seen when mental health deteriorates. To know about this, we spoke to Dr. A., a psychiatrist at District Joint Hospital, Ghaziabad. Spoke to Vishwakarma. So let us know in details.

These changes are seen in mood when one is depressed

If you see symptoms like frequent changes in someone's mood, suddenly becoming irritable, not being interested in any work and always shying away from people, living alone, always being sad, suddenly starting to cry or you are feeling like this. If yes then it should be taken care of immediately.

These symptoms appear on the body

Physical health is also related to mental health to some extent. Symptoms of poor mental health are also visible on your body. In case of depression, there can be problems like poor diet, feeling tired, insomnia etc.

Keep your mental health good like this

If such symptoms are seen in someone then talk to him and try to know why this is happening. Keep in mind that always handle such matters peacefully and lovingly. If you yourself are feeling changes in your mood, then share your heartfelt feelings with someone close to you. This provides relief from stress. Apart from this, take good and sufficient sleep. Make healthy activities like meditation and yoga a part of your routine.

When do you need to talk to a doctor?

If the symptoms persist even after talking to someone and improving the daily routine, then one should talk to a psychologist so that the patient can be counseled and find out the seriousness of the problem. 90 percent of depression cases are cured only through counselling.

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