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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Man or crow! Who is smarter, scientists reveal secrets

Man or crow! Who is more intelligent? Recently, there have been many researches and studies which have tested the crow's cunningness and its abilities. Studies have found that crows have the ability to recognize faces and are able to tell them to their companions as well.

Man or crow! Who is smarter? Scientists have done research on this. In recent tests and studies it has been found that crows are very intelligent. Although it is currently believed that man is the most intelligent creature on earth, but if crows are judged on the basis of visual memory, flight in three-dimensional space or perception of the Earth's magnetic field, then they are more intelligent, but often this assessment or conclusion Or the test is done on those abilities which we, as humans, find important and on that basis the man is declared smarter.

Well, the internet is full of videos of people imitating the sound of a crow or solving complex brain games and since childhood, we have been hearing the story of how a thirsty crow quenched his thirst by putting a pebble in a pitcher. This story of crow is very popular and through this story it was shown that crows are very intelligent.

Crows are clever. For this, the concept of plucking hard shelled fruits (nuts) by crows from the car was experimented with. In 1978, some researchers in California discovered how American crows would throw walnuts on the road and then eat them when they were crushed by a car wheel.

Crows are intelligent, is an old belief

Scientists studied this behavior of crows in 1997 and kept a close watch on its behavior and tried to find out whether the crow used the car to break the hard shell of the walnut.

Scientists did research on this and studied 200 such cases. Do crows really use a car or wait for a car to pluck a hard-shelled fruit, or do they understand that this process will break the hard shell of the fruit? And he was deliberately throwing the fruit on the road,

But after study it has been found. It was not so. The case of the crow falling on the hard cover on the road and breaking it with the car was just a coincidence and there was no connection between the car and the crow's food.

Until recently, it was believed that only primates (ape species, humans) could use tools, but studies have shown that dolphins, octopuses, crows and even pigs can also perform repetitive tasks. can do.

Studies have shown that crows can do such things. The crow also has the ability to identify and select tools of the correct length and diameter. Such cases have come to light in New Caledonians, where crows have a hook by bending an object.

Crow has the ability to recognize faces

Researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, found in their study that crows can remember faces. American scientists tested this by wearing a mask to catch and then release crows. After study, it was found that the crows had started screaming after giving the mask.

The crow had recognized the mask. Those crows had also recognized the masks. Which were not caught by the scientists. He had recognized from the behavior of his crow companion that he was caught wearing a mask.

This study shows that wild, non-domesticated animals can recognize a human by his face and remember it for years. He is also able to tell his colleagues about this.

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