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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Instead of getting resolved, the knot of Grand Alliance is getting entangled, Nitish has started changing his tactics!

Indian alliance and JDU: After meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G-20 conference, Nitish Kumar himself has been meeting the grassroots workers of the party. Nitish Kumar's way of doing politics is quite different. Those who know him say that before doing anything new, Nitish definitely hints at it.

Politics is also like cricket. Here politicians also have to take special care of their timing. Politicians who know the right timing make smart moves and play excellent shots like successful cricketers. Nitish Kumar is one of them. This is the reason why he has maintained his relevance continuously for the last three decades. Nitish's timing is so good that after meeting the PM in G20, he is personally meeting the grassroots workers and by sensing the ground reality, he is instilling enthusiasm among the workers. But meanwhile, the same workers are openly staking their claim outside Nitish's house to become the PM. All this is happening only after seeing the timing. Nitish, who was angry at his supporters who talked about claiming the post of PM before the Mumbai meeting, is now seen in a different style after meeting PM Modi in the G-20.

Why is Nitish changing his tactics?

People who closely understand the politics of Nitish Kumar are openly saying that Nitish makes many gestures before performing a new feat. If his colleagues fail to realize this, it is their fault. Jitan Ram Manjhi and Prashant Kishore are old associates of Nitish Kumar who understand his style of functioning very well. Sensing the future politics of Nitish, both of them have opened their tongues.

Obviously there is a reason for this. Nitish has started looking irrelevant in the grand alliance. RJD, JDU's closest ally in the state, has started talking in the language of Congress. The way Lalu Prasad consoled Rahul Gandhi in Mumbai made it clear that Lalu Prasad and Congress have started openly playing political games together. Obviously, Nitish, who was isolated in the grand alliance politics of Bihar, has now started appearing marginalized. This is the reason why, like a seasoned leader, Nitish first reached the G20 meeting on the invitation of PM Modi and after returning from there, he is trying his best to meet his supporters and win their trust.

This is the effect of this effort that till yesterday, if any worker demanded the post of PM even in a low voice in the meeting, then Nitish was getting furious, but now his supporters are raising their voice outside the house regarding his claim for the post of PM. Are. But Nitish is not giving any reaction on this.

Claiming the post of PM is part of an important strategy!

In fact, RJD has formed a strong alliance in politics with Congress and CPIML. Congress is staking claim to contest on 9 Lok Sabha seats while CPIML is staking claim on 6 Lok Sabha seats. A big problem for Nitish is the election of seats from where many Congress stalwarts are continuously pressurizing him to contest the elections. One of these seats is of Katihar where Tariq Anwar of Congress is staking claim but at present there is JDU MP from Katihar. Same is the situation in Supaul from where JDU MP Kamat is from but Ranjita Ranjan is continuously busy in creating pressure from here. Same is the condition of Chhapra and Gopalganj including Sasaram. Congress veteran Meira Kumar has decided to contest elections from Sasaram. There is also discussion about the name of Nikhil Kumar from Aurangabad. Same is the condition of CPIML which is staking claim on a total of 6 seats including Ara Buxar. The big challenge for Nitish Kumar is to get seats for his sixteen MPs. JDU MPs are also in a dilemma regarding their candidature, hence the pressure on Nitish Kumar from his party's MPs is increasing. Obviously, Nitish Kumar has started claiming the desired seats in the India alliance. Therefore, his supporters have started increasing pressure on India Alliance by demanding his PM post.

What is Nitish's priority?

Winning maximum seats is on top of Nitish's priorities. Nitish is going to demand more than 16 seats at any cost. In such a situation, if any opportunity arises under new circumstances after the Lok Sabha elections, Nitish Kumar is not going to waste that opportunity. That is why Prashant Kishore, who has made a strategy for Nitish Kumar, is continuously saying that Nitish Kumar is using India Alliance as a room, while his contacts in NDA are also ready like a skylight. Nitish Kumar's warm meeting with PM Modi is pointing towards those options. Obviously, with the help of these meetings, Nitish wants to maintain a strong hold on the politics of Bihar by putting pressure on the India Alliance and then winning over the MPs by electing as many desired seats as possible.

According to a senior RJD leader, Nitish Kumar has taken a gamble to maintain his relevance till 2029 by leaving BJP. Therefore, if Nitish reverses his position again after the Lok Sabha elections of 2024, it will not be a surprise to RJD supremo including me.

Obviously, as part of its strategy, RJD also wants Nitish Kumar's support till the Lok Sabha elections at any cost. Behind this, BJP's maximum loss and RJD's maximum gain is part of RJD's strategies. Therefore, as the Lok Sabha elections are approaching, RJD has started playing its cards openly. At the same time, JDU is fully focusing on playing its part to win maximum seats in the Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, Nitish, who is an expert in the art of capitalizing on opportunities, is once again waiting for his time when seeing the best timing, he is not going to look back to avail better possibilities for himself.

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