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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

In divorce cases, 'As is the court, so is the decision', how much amount does the wife have to pay? These rules decide

The breakdown of a marriage not only breaks a person emotionally, but it also affects his pocket. Especially it bothers the person who has to spend a huge amount as maintenance and alumnus to his partner. After all, how is this amount decided in the case of divorce...?

Divorce is a subject on which Indian society never talks openly. Divorce troubles any person mentally and emotionally, but a big aspect of it is also financial. Divorce law in India obliges the partner to pay maintenance and alimony in case of breakdown of marriage. In such a situation, it is very heavy on the pocket of the partner on whom this burden falls, but do you know how the court decides the maintenance and alimony in divorce cases?

Divorce cases in India take a long time. In such a situation, the person not only has to give 'interim maintenance' to his partner. Rather, on settling the matter, he has to pay lump sum alumnae i.e. a huge amount to the partner. The determination of the amount of alumni and maintenance depends on many factors.

'Like the court', 'like the decision' of divorce

Family courts decide most of the divorce cases in India. In such a situation, after maintenance and alimony, one more thing that both the parties have to bear is the money spent in the legal process. Therefore, the amount of maintenance and alumni also depends on the court in which the divorce case of that person is going on.

This is the reason, leave aside the matter of different states in the country, even in different districts, the amount of maintenance and alumnae is not the same in divorce cases. That's why legal experts advise that in the case of divorce, a person should also keep in mind that in which court his case is going on. This is an important factor in determining his legal costs.

This is how the amount of alumni maintenance is decided

Whenever the courts fix the amount of interim maintenance and alumnae in divorce cases, then it is also seen that how much amount has been spent in the legal debate. This amount is decided on the basis of cost of living in the city or area where the court is located, income capacity of both the parties, social norms etc. In this, the basis of social rule is the per capita income of that state or city.

Apart from this, legal expenses are also an important factor. In such a situation, it is possible that the court of a metro city may issue a decision to pay more maintenance and alimony in an ongoing divorce case, whereas the court of a tier-2 and tier-3 city may issue an order to pay relatively less maintenance and alimony. Is.

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