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Saturday, September 16, 2023

How do you know whether your Banarasi saree is genuine or not? Follow these tricks

You can use these 5 tricks to identify the authenticity of Banarasi saree. Let us know...

Banarasi Silk Saree: Banarasi sarees can be proudly called a part of the cultural heritage of India. These sarees present a glimpse of our tradition and artistry. Banarasi saree is a special outfit for any woman. Its beauty and excellent craftsmanship make it even more special. Its unique design, soft silk and excellent workmanship make it special, but the market is full of fake Banarasi sarees which can cause huge loss to the customers. The price of a genuine Banarasi saree starts from Rs 20 thousand. Its price depends on the workmanship done on it. The popularity of Banarasi sarees has created a flood of counterfeits in the market. Fake Banarasi sarees are also easily available in the market. In such a situation, it is important that before buying a Banarasi saree, you should know whether it is real or fake. Here are some methods of identification. 

Identity of Banarasi Silk:

The main identity of genuine Banarasi sarees lies with the shiny and soft Banarasi silk threads. For this, look at the edges of the saree or the corners of the pallu and check the shine and softness. 

Jarokka Pattern

Banarasi sarees usually have a jarokka pattern, which has Indian motifs, paisley, and other designs. The work of jarokha of genuine sarees is like any month silk or blended silk, whereas the work of jarokha of fake sarees is of some cheap silk. 

Checking the border and pallu:

The border and pallu of genuine Banarasi sarees are embroidered with a single hand, due to which the designs become neat and beautiful. But in fake ones such embroidery is very dull and awkward. 

Checking Zari:

In genuine Banarasi sarees, Zari work is done with gold and silver thread, whereas in fake sarees, this work is usually done with gold and silver plating. By looking at this you can check the authenticity of Zardozi.

Checking the Quality of Silk

Genuine Banarasi silk sarees are often more expensive, as they are made from extremely high quality silk. Check the quality of silk on the label of the saree, and fake sarees tend to be inferior in quality compared to expensive silks. 

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