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Sunday, September 10, 2023

How do the world's rich people use the Internet? You will be surprised to know!

How rich people use internet: Nowadays everyone uses internet and buys something according to their budget. But do you know which website the world's top rich people use? If you are also excited to know this then read this article completely.

In today's era, most people have internet, whether they are poor or rich. People all over the world search for something or the other on the internet or order something. While accessing the internet, common people use platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and YouTube. If we ask you how ultra rich people i.e. the top rich people of the world run the internet, then what will be the answer? Let us tell you how ultra billionaire people use the internet.

The richest people in the world use unique and luxury websites and platforms. They have different hobbies ranging from shopping to social media and dating. Then no matter how much money is spent, it does not matter. So let's see what these people search on the internet.

James Edition

Just as common people use Amazon and Flipkart for online shopping, ultra rich people use James Edition for shopping. Items like luxury real estate, expensive cars, ultra luxury watches, aeroplanes, yachts, helicopters, jewellery, antique item collections are available on this website.

Rich Kids

Most of the people use Facebook and Instagram in the name of social media apps. If we talk about the top rich people of the world, then they and their children use a social media app named Rich Kids. Its one month subscription fee is 1,000 Euro i.e. approximately Rs 90,000. The most special feature of this website is that by paying money you can only see the photos of others.


No matter how much money you earn, no one else can give you the peace that love can give you. Nowadays internet is also no less than a lover point. People are finding their love on apps like Tinder, but ultra rich people use Luxy app for dating. Its three-month subscription is $999 i.e. around Rs 83,000.

Book My Charters

When you go somewhere, you use apps like IRCTC, Where is My Train, Book My Trip. However, the top rich people use Book My Charter, through which jets, helicopters and yachts are booked.

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