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Monday, September 18, 2023

Heron Mark-2 drone searches and kills terrorists, know what is its specialty

Heron Mark-2 drone has been inducted into the Indian Air Force in August 2023. India has ordered it from Israel. This drone can fly in any weather. It has many features. Let us know how this will further strengthen the Air Force.

Last month, the Heron Mark-2 drone, which became a part of the Indian Air Force, was launched in Anantnag to eliminate terrorists. Meaning, campaigns are being run both in the sky and on the ground. The drone has also taken its first victim. It is being told that at least two terrorists are hiding in a cave somewhere in the Gadole forest area. Let us know what is the specialty of Heron Mark-2 drone, which will become a part of the Air Force.

Heron Mark-2 drone is the same drone which eliminated Al Qaeda Chief Al Zawahiri. It is not that India is using drones for the first time. Our forces already have advanced drones, but the specialty of this drone, which was inducted in August, is different from most. Its firepower is amazing. The aim is very accurate. He is also adept at firing grenades and bullets at the enemy from multiple directions simultaneously. After its arrival, monitoring the China-Pakistan border has become easier. This drone from Israel has not just one but many features.

This drone is capable of flying continuously for 36 hours. It can be taken up to a height of 35 thousand feet.

It is capable of hitting air-to-ground and air-to-air.

The camera installed in it is helpful in aiming even in dark night.

It can fly easily even in cold, heat and rain.

It is capable of giving all this information to the ground station through satellite.

It can be operated even from a distance of 15 kilometers.

It can attack anyone on the instructions of the pilot sitting at the ground station.

It is armed with weapons. At one time it was capable of monitoring the China-Pakistan border.

The Indian Air Force currently has four drones of this category available.

The government intends to provide this category of drones to the Indian Army and Navy also.

Armies of more than 20 countries of the world are using it.

It is capable of giving information to the base station through sensors and radar without entering enemy territory.

Drone pilots operate it sitting at the base station.

Thermographic cameras, sensors, satellites are its strengths.

It has the ability to fly with 250 kg of weapons.

Due to anti jamming technology the enemy cannot neutralize it.

Its operation is possible manually and automatically. Meaning pilots can do whatever they want.

– Heron Mark-1 Drone is being used by the Indian Air Force since 2009.

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