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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Google spends Rs 83,000 crore every year to dominate the market, it did not become king just like that

Google spends Rs 83,000 crore every year to remain the world's largest search engine. The US government has given this argument during the hearing of the ongoing anti-trust case against Google in a court there. What is the whole matter after all...

Today in this world of internet, if we have to search anything, we search on Google only. To maintain this dominance in the market, Google spends an amount of 10 billion dollars i.e. Rs 83,000 crore every year. A hearing is going on in an American court against Google in a case of anti-trust i.e. harming competition in the market. Meanwhile, this argument has been given by the American government regarding Google.

The Washington court where the hearing of the 'anti-trust' case against Google is going on, was packed with crowd on Tuesday. The Justice Department of the US Government argued that Google uses its immense wealth and influence to maintain its dominance in the market, so that it remains the most popular search engine in the world. Government lawyer Kenneth Dintzer said that Google spends 10 billion dollars (about Rs 83,000 crore) every year to maintain this dominance.

plea on plea in court

During the court hearing, Google also defended itself vigorously. Google argued that Internet users trust its search engine because of its quality. On this, the government lawyer said that Google, through its contracts, ensures that its rival search engines cannot match the search engine quality and ad monetization. This thing is especially taken care of for phone users. In this way, Google's dominance has been established for the last 12 years and it works in favor of Google every time.

There is concern about monopoly

This 'anti-trust' case going on in the American court against Google is the biggest case of its kind in the last several decades. Experts in tech industries have been expressing concern about the monopoly of big companies like Google in this sector for a long time. Thanks to Android, Google monopolizes a large part of the phone market. Google's parent company Alphabet's dominance extends beyond market control to data acquisition and devices.

A fine of Rs 1338 crore has been imposed in India

Google has also been fined Rs 1,338 crore in India for adopting unethical business tips to maintain market dominance. Market competition watchdog in India, Competition Commission of India (CCI) has imposed a fine of Rs 1,338 crore on Google. In this case, Google approached the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) all the way to the Supreme Court. In the end, the Supreme Court ordered Google to pay the fine under any circumstances.

CCI had imposed this penalty on Google for taking unfair advantage of its position in the market. CCI says that when Google enters into mobile app distribution agreements with device makers using its phone software Android, it discourages them from installing other apps. He does this especially with the apps of his rival companies.

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