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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

G20 meeting became a problem, Kullu's apple disappeared from Delhi

Inflation is going to increase once again in Delhi-NCR. It is being said that after tomato and green vegetables, now apple can also become expensive. This will have a direct impact on the pockets of common people. However, even if apple prices increase.

After tomatoes and green vegetables, now the price of apple can also reach the seventh sky in the national capital Delhi. It is being said that the G20 meeting has become a problem for Apple. Traders say that due to the G20 meeting, the supply of apples in Azadpur mandi as well as in other markets of Delhi may be affected. In such a situation, due to reduction in arrivals, the prices of apples will increase, which will have a direct impact on the pockets of the common man.

In view of the G20 to be held in Delhi, farmers of Kullu have been appealed not to pluck apples. It is being said that due to the G-20 summit, many roads are closed in Delhi, due to which trucks laden with fruits and vegetables may face problem in reaching the mandis. In such a situation, Kullu Fruit Producer Board has appealed to the farmers not to pluck apples from the orchards from September 5 to 8, because many roads in Delhi are closed. Due to this, apples will not be able to reach the market and will get spoiled.

what do traders say

On the other hand, the jobbers of Azadpur mandi say that till now all the trucks loaded with apples are reaching the mandi on time. But after two to three days there may be a problem. Aadhati Avinash Chandra Suri, who has been working in Azadpur Mandi for forty years, told  that after two-three days there will be a problem, because at present only Kullu apples are available in Azadpur Mandi. If the apples of Kullu do not come in Azadpur Mandi, then the prices will also increase.

This is the current rate of apple

Agent Chandra Prakash said that if the supply of apples from Kullu stops for two to three days, there will be a shortage of apples in the market, which will have a direct impact on the prices. Agent Ramesh Juyal says that right now there are apples in the market ranging from Rs 40 per kg to Rs 120 per kg. If supply is affected, these will become expensive.

Farmers would not like to bear the loss

Let us tell you that this time also the farmers of Himachal Pradesh have suffered a lot of financial loss due to rains and landslides. A large number of apple fruits planted on the tree rotted. Many of those gardens were destroyed in the grip of landslides. Due to this, there has been a decline in production this time. In such a situation, farmers do not want to suffer losses again due to road closure. In such a situation, he would prefer not to pluck apples from his orchard for two days.

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