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Thursday, September 7, 2023

G-20 Summit: 4 days holiday is coming, these cheap home decor ideas will come in handy

Due to the G20 conference, the residents of Delhi are getting three to four days off. During this, if you are going to stay at home then why not give a new look to your house. You will not even have to spend money for this.

Every arrangement has been made regarding security in Delhi regarding the G20 summit. Because of this, holidays have been declared in Delhi. Children's schools will also remain closed during this period. There is also Janmashtami, so there will be a holiday of about four days. During this period most people will be free. Many types of restrictions have also been imposed in transport. If you are planning to spend these holidays at home, then you can give a new look to your house and for this you will not even need to spend a lot of money.

When it comes to decorating the house, people often get worried about the budget, although decorating the house within the budget does not mean that you cannot decorate the house creatively. There are many ways by which your home can be decorated in a cost-effective way and can get a new look.

DIY artwork will come in handy

Nowadays many types of artwork ideas are available online. These DIY hacks are quite creative and also quite cheap. You can make many things from the things kept at home. Like things like hand painting or crafts for your walls.

Recycle old things

You can use old things to decorate the house. For example, paint and decorate the useless jars and glass bottles lying in the house and make vases. A kit can be prepared from old denim jeans to keep household items like comb, remote. Put it on the wall. Goods will not be lost and old jeans will also come in handy.

Give a new look to the house

The house should also be given a new look from time to time. This also keeps the mood fresh. Sofas and chairs are at the same place for a long time, so you can re-arrange the furniture for this. Apart from this, pillow covers can also be decorated with things lying in the house like some buttons, pearls and saree laces.

Do creative work in the garden area

Most people like gardening. In these holidays, you can do some creative work in your garden area or balcony garden. For this, all you have to do is take old cold drink bottles and by cutting them, you can grow leafy vegetables like green coriander, mint or plant vine ornamental plants in bottles. You will also easily get its tutorial online.

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