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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Foreign companies also accept the dominance of Hindi, these are 5 examples

Hindi Diwas 2022: Foreign companies are now understanding that Hindi is their need. Hindi is getting respect all over the world. Not only this, foreigners are also taking special interest in learning Hindi. Read 5 proofs of the increasing dominance of Hindi across the world.

How much the status of Hindi is increasing across the world can be directly understood from two things. First, 59 crore people around the world speak Hindi. Second- Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world. English is at the first position and Chinese language is Mandarin at the second position. This is what we have been understanding for some time now. Hindi is no longer limited to just the spoken language across the world. It has also become the support of huge profits of foreign companies.

Foreign companies are now able to understand how difficult it is for them to attract Hindi speaking users without Hindi. Not only this, foreigners are also taking special interest in learning Hindi. Respect for Hindi is increasing all over the world. Know, 5 big examples of this.

LinkedIn launched in Hindi: In the last few years, the number of people posting in Hindi on social media has increased. On many occasions, celebrities also worked to promote this trend. An example of how foreign companies are understanding the growing status of Hindi is the job searching platform LinkedIn. In the year 2021, LinkedIn launched its Hindi version so that more and more Hindi users can be attracted. This change shows the dominance of Hindi.

Now in Hindi also on e-commerce platform: Internet is no longer a bogey for those who do not know English. From Google to the world's biggest companies, they are now focusing on Hindi. Now shopping can be done in Hindi also from the e-commerce platforms of big companies. Leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon have also started giving names of products in Hindi. Not only this, now products can be searched there even by speaking in Hindi.

From awards to translation: Foreign companies are now recruiting Hindi writers to expand the scope of their business. Providing freelance work for them. Due to this, the demand for professionals related to translation and content writing is increasing. Demand for reading Hindi books has increased across the world. Last year, the International Booker Prize won by Indian writer Gitanjali Shree's translated book Tomb of Sand has proved this.

Big milestone in technology, Hindi is also a part of web address: If you understand from the technical point of view, you will know how rich Hindi is becoming. It has become a part of the 7 languages ​​that are being used in creating web addresses. Not only this, the Hindi e-book market has increased across the world. Its market is increasing year after year.

Growing business of foreign films: Hindi has always been an important part of the film industry. Foreign filmmakers also understand this very well. For many decades, Hollywood films were already being released dubbed in Hindi, now the artists there are reaching India for the promotion of their films and webseries. Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra's Citadel is an example of this.

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