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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Follow this 5 step routine to prevent thyroid from increasing.

Thyroid control tips:
If thyroid level increases then many changes are seen in the body including increase or decrease in weight. Apart from doctor's advice, you can also follow healthy routine to manage it at home.

Thyroid control tips: Thyroid cases have increased rapidly in India. This is a gland present in our body which produces hormones and regulates metabolism. Due to its deficiency or excessive increase, weight starts increasing or decreasing. Medically, it is called hypothyroidism, which can be managed through diet, exercise or other methods. There is also a risk of cancer due to thyroid.

According to experts, if the cells in the thyroid gland start growing more than normal, then cancer starts. To prevent or manage thyroid levels from increasing, follow this 6 step routine.

Why does thyroid occur and its symptoms?

Deepak Kumar Suman, resident doctor at Safdarjung Hospital, says that there is lack of iodine in the food. Thyroid disease can occur due to mental stress and hormonal imbalance. Earlier this problem was seen after the age of 50 years, but now this disease is being seen in people up to 30 years of age. Its cases are more common in women.

According to experts, lump around the neck, difficulty in swallowing food, pain in the throat, rapid loss or increase in weight, cough and swelling in the throat are included in the symptoms of thyroid. Manage thyroid levels like this.

1. Eat a nutritious diet

Make the first rule of the day that the diet you are taking must contain fiber, protein and minerals.

2. Daily exercise

Thyroid symptoms can be reduced by exercising daily. This boosts metabolism and energy. Besides this, muscles also get strengthened.

3. Be active

Do those tasks in your routine which keep you busy. To keep health related problems away from yourself, try to remain active throughout the day.

4. Don't take stress

It is normal to be stressed due to busy life or other reasons. To manage mental stress, do meditation, yoga and breathing exercises daily. Too much stress makes our metabolism weak.

5. Complete sleep routine

Do you know that with 7 to 8 hours of sleep, the thyroid gland is able to release and regulate hormones. Having a full night's sleep makes you feel fresh the next day.

You can follow this routine to manage thyroid. But if its level is increased then definitely consult a doctor or expert. The method of treatment as per your wish can cause harm instead of benefit.

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